How to Find Authentic Autograph Auctions – Tips to Identify Fake Websites

How to Find Authentic Autograph Auctions – Tips to Identify Fake Websites

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If you are looking for rare autographs to increase your collection, ensure you buy them from dealers that are genuine and authentic in the market. These dealers will hold auctions on a regular basis from where you can buy autographs for your collection. However, if you look at the online market you will find several websites that buy and sell autographs. Now, the question to you is how do you know that the autograph website or auction is genuine?

How to Spot a Fake Autograph Auctions Website?

Given the choices of the websites you have online, it does seem hard for you to spot a fake autograph, however, the following tips will help you identify a fake item and save you from wasting money-

  1. Identify a pattern- When you visit an autograph auction website, the first thing you should do is identify a pattern. Fake websites will have the same consistency when it comes to their items. They will use the same pen, thickness, style etc when it comes to autographed items for sale. If you are interested in one item, take time and identify the other items on sale. This will help you spot a pattern. If you find the style and the pattern of the signatures more or less the same, this means you are dealing with a fake site.
  2. COA- A good autograph auctions website will always give you a certificate of authenticity when it comes to the autographs that are bought and sold. When you are buying autographs, ensure that you get this certificate of authenticity.
  3. Check the medium- When you are visiting a website for buying an autograph, check the medium as well. Like the signature, the medium may be forged. If the medium looks too common, you might have to conduct extensive research. Genuine items have a sort of unnatural look. This means they do not appear too common.
  4. Prices- If the prices are very low, you might reconsider buying the autograph online. Check for websites that are old and have been in the market for a number of years. Do not rely on new websites that claim to sell authentic items without extensive research into their background. It is important for you to conduct research before you make a purchase from such websites that are new and just entered the market. There is a possibility of them selling forged items if the prices are very low compared to their true value in the market.

Therefore, when you are looking for a genuine autograph auctions website, keep the above in mind. There are several fraudulent websites today and you do not want to fall prey to them. A good website will be experienced and have been in the market for a number of years. Rely on references if you have any. In case, you don’t it is prudent to take time and effort to research yourself so that in the long run you will not be treated with a fake autograph! Sites like Sites Like The Pirate Bay will help you in regards to this post.