How to Form a Team to Play Fantasy Cricket Online

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All the cricket crazy people in India now have a new place to express their undying love for cricket and this is none other than Fantasy Cricket. This app allows you to play on the field while in your room with the life-like cricket gaming app. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for this exquisite app and start strategizing your game plan right from selecting the team.

If you are still new to this exquisite platform for cricket fans around the world, let us help you find the way through the game. Many people have queries regarding how to select the team and how to win the game. Here is a step by step guide to help you out with the same:

First Select the Match You Wish to Play

A cricket lover is sure to like one day matches, T20 cricket and Test Matches equally. That is why we have provided you a choice between these three matches. The first thing you do as you enter Fantasy Cricket is select the type of match you wish to play. The scoring system and rules for each match style varies from the other. It is important that you understand the differences before you choose which match you want to play.

Here is How to Set Up the Team for Cricket

Each player is allocated a budget of 100 points. Using these points, he has to set up the team. The charges levied for each batsman, bowler and wicketkeeper are different. You need to pick 4-5 good batsmen, 3-4 good bowlers and a wicketkeeper. Be prudent in your choices. The captain and vice-captain earn you more points so select them carefully. A good selection of team plays a vital role in winning or losing your favourite cricket match online.

Here is How the Points Are Earned

As an avid cricket fan, you might have screamed at the captain on the TV set for sending across the wrong player to bat. You may always have suggested changes in the teams and the strategies. You may have wondered why cricketers on the field lack the genius you possess in understanding the opponent’s strategies.

If these have been your thoughts and experience, Fantasy Cricket is about to change this for you. It is going to give you a clear chance to try your luck building the team, playing cricket and earning the points.

Here are some things you need to know about earning points on Fantasy Cricket:

  • The points earned by the captain are doubled
  • The points earned by vice-captain are 1.5 times the actual
  • There are bonus points for boundaries
  • There is a special bonus when a cricketer makes a half century
  • There is a special bonus when a player completes a century
  • A bowler can earn the team points by bowling maiden over
  • A bowler earns points if takes a wicket
  • A bowler also wins a bonus with 4 wickets haul
  • A fielder can win some points for the team when he catches someone out
  • A fielder also earns points for the team when he makes someone run-out
  • Bonus points are also win by the fielder for stumping

Now, since you know the different avenues through which points can be won for your team, read on. Know the different ways in which your team may lose points to the opponent:

  • Your team loses points when some batsman gets out for duck
  • Your team also loses points if the strike rate of the opponent increases beyond set limits
  • If your team is bowling and gives more runs per over, you tend to lose some points in the course.

Now that you have grasped the different ways in which you win or lose points while playing cricket, go ahead and create a gaming account. What could be more fun than enjoying cricket on your smartphone from the safety of your home?

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