How To Have Successful Family Meetings?

4 mins read

There are many benefits that we can get from family meeting. As an example, we should be able to see the real behavior of our children. A meeting should also allow the whole family to better understand one another. This will allow everyone to get along much more easily. We should be able to established a clearer vision and the family relationship can be strengthened. Any kind of meeting should have real structure, to make sure that we can get real benefits from it. Without proper structure and rules, family meeting can be quite chaotic. So, if we have just started family meeting sessions, it’s acceptable to have a few rough beginnings, as long as we are able to improve ourselves. With enough perseverance, we should be able to establish the proper group meeting with the whole family. In fact, we could be on a journey of amazing discovery, because there are many things that we can achieve. Parents and children should have great fun during any family meeting. It’s better to have some disagreement in a meeting and find a middle ground, instead of having intense fights in our daily lives.

Family meeting should be considered as a place for family members to do some learning. There could be plenty of debates and we may involve a significant degree of emotions. Children should have an involvement in the family meeting, so they will be able to listen and communicate, as well as knowing how to properly organize things. Parents should let children to express their opinions and this will make them feel being appreciated. In fact, children can be given assignment to organize and facilitate some meeting sessions. Family meeting shouldn’t be watered down with so many senseless and out of topic arguments. It is better to have a short 15-minute meeting that results in a number of conclusions, instead of arguing for a whole hour without coming up with specific agreement. Each family can come up with their own style of family meeting, depending on their situations and preferences. In general, we should keep family meeting relative brief and the most important thing is to prioritize on results, instead of duration.

The family meeting should have a definite starting and ending process. There are different ways to start a family meeting, such as reciting a pledge, saying a prayer or singing a family song. We should end the meeting with an identical approach. When the meeting ends, we should make sure that there’s a short summary. We should have a positive outlook on things when the meeting has been concluded. To keep things exciting, we may have a creative game. We should make sure that the meeting could take place with a positive note. Children should have significant involvement in the family meeting, such as doing narration and announcements. As an example, the meeting could be about the upcoming meeting. Other things that may do include serving light refreshments and sticking on the time limit. There are other things that we need to avoid. We should avoid having intense arguments and we need to focus on the main focus. When a subject is considered as confidential, we should talk with the relevant person personally to avoid embarrassment and other unwanted things.