How to Kick-start Your Blog Business

6 mins read

While reading blogs on websites, you might have wondered why people write them. Do they generate income from them? Well, yes people do earn a living through the blogs they diligently write.

There are several categories of blogs, from personal to business oriented. The main purpose of writing blogs is to connect with readers, who may be a potential audience for a business. The comment section gives a chance to readers to share their view or opinion. This enhances interaction between bloggers and readers which can be beneficial to the company as they can acquire valuable insights.

Discussed below are basic steps to start your own blog and earn a living-

Decide a blog name

It is important to pick a name that goes along with your brand image and your product or service. If you choose a name which is difficult to spell, pronounce or remember, then readers are less likely to associate with your blogs. Therefore, pick simple and easy name which is relatable to your audience.

Your blog name should be descriptive so that readers can easily define what your blog is likely to be. It is not necessary that you should include the most obvious word in your blog name. For example, if you have a food stall, cooking is not necessarily required in your blog name. You can always use synonyms to give a unique blog name.

Apart from name, you also need to purchase a domain with the same name for your business. Make sure that you invest in .com domain because most people are familiar with this extension instead of .org or .net.

Go Online

Once you have finalised blog name and purchased domain for the same now is the time for some actual action which is go online. But, for that you need to install a good blogging software and blog hosting. Most companies offer combined services which makes your task simpler.

The latest software is easier to install and register but if you find it difficult then you can always contact a good technician for the process. They can carry out the process on your behalf and charge you for the same.

There is possibility that you may fall short of finances in due process but you can always rely on alternative finance. There are some companies which provide trust-worthy services and quality business solutions. They consider your requirements and then recommend you suitable financial solution.

Personal touché to your blog

The next step is to login to your blog. You might have received login details through a message or mail. The next move is to select a suitable template for your blog based on your service or product. There are specific colours which suit a product and service based on brand identity and the audience.

For instance, if you have services for baby girls then a template in pastel shades of pink or yellow is more apt. Besides, you cannot pick a manly theme that defines being tough because it does not go well with your target audience or services.

You can also design your template but make sure that you have adequate designing knowledge so that you do not go wrong with colour combinations. A well-designed website has power to grab attention so make sure that it looks presentable.

Get set ready

Once you have successfully completed all the above steps then you are ready to write and publish your very first blog. While writing, make sure that you carry out in-depth research as it enhances quality of the blog.

The quality of content plays a significant role as it attracts more readers and brings in more business. It is wise to keep your blog open to public eye as you get more readers and acquire honest insights for them. You can work on these insights to improve quality of your blog.

You can also promote your blogs on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can share blog links with your friends and friends of friends to obtain higher reach. You can also ask frequent visitors of your page to share their e-mail id and can notify them by mailing links of your new blogs.

Making Money through blogs

You have invested relevant sum in installing software, purchasing domain, writing, publishing and also promoting your blog. You can generate income by including your products or services in the blog. This way you can promote them and create awareness amongst potential buyers.

You can also write paid reviews for products or services or sell advertising space. Once your blog gains a specific amount of popularity, selling advertising spaces becomes easy. In fact, you have to pick the best deal from the many offered to you.