How To Lower Your Handicap By Understanding How A Golf Ball Affects Your Game

How To Lower Your Handicap By Understanding How A Golf Ball Affects Your Game

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Every non-professional golfer dreams of upgrading their clubs, because when they do their score card will improve automatically. Not only will their game hit new heights, but they’ll have bragging rights among their friends. Everything we’ve just mentioned is what people think will happen, but it’s not true even though better clubs might help you a little. Golf balls are another thing capable of improving your game a little, even though you never hear them being mentioned at all. Perhaps it’s because you don’t know the ins and outs of modern golf balls, so we’ll look at a few specific reasons why different balls will affect your game in various ways.

How To Lower Your Handicap By Understanding How A Golf Ball Affects Your Game

Weighing Up The Costs Involved

Professional golfers don’t need to take the price of a golf ball into consideration, but as an amateur or hobbyist it’s going to concern you. Mostly because a lot of balls are going to end up disappearing forever, so it’s a good job they’re almost as cheap as Guttie balls and other variations used throughout history. If you’re wondering why the price of a golf ball might affect your game, it could have an impact on the type of shots you play in various situations where you know it might get lost. On the plus side, cheaper balls can usually be driven much further than tour balls.

Decide How Good You Actually Are

As we’ve just mentioned above, cheap ‘distance’ balls will travel further when hit with a driver. Tour balls will give you a lot more control in and around the green, and if you’re a very competent golfer you won’t run into any problems hitting them a huge distance off the tee. If your swing speed is less than 100 miles per hour it’s pointless using a tour ball, because they’re very expensive and you won’t notice any big difference. Therefore, you should only use a professional ball if you’re an excellent golfer.

Pay Close Attention To The Dimples

If you’re wondering why a golf ball has dimples, it evolved from an important discovery back when they used to use smooth balls. Over time the balls would end up with indents after being smacked around, but instead of a decline in effectiveness they realised it helped. Dimples can help the ball get airborne, increase backspin, cut down on drag, plus a few more things related to control. Shallow dimples will increase bounce distance and you’ll be able to hit them further. There are many variations you can test out to see what suits your game.

Delving Inside The Golf Ball

You’ll know by now the level of ability you possess will have a huge influence on the ball you use, and the same thing will apply to the core of the ball. You might not be able to see inside it, but imagine a core is either two-piece, three-piece, or four-piece. Instead of looking at what is going on inside each one, which would be hard because it will vary depending on the manufacturer, you only need to know the benefits of each. Three and four-piece balls suit those looking for more spin and control. Two-piece balls are for distance, as are one-piece, whether it’s in the air or rolling along the ground.

Compression At The Moment Of Impact

If you’ve even squatted with a heavy weight on your back you’ll know it’s easier to bounce up straight away because of the stretch reflex. It’s like your body compresses allowing you to bounce out of the hole, and the same thing happens at the moment of impact when you hit a golf ball. High-compression balls will allow for a longer drive, but they’re hard to control so you should only use them if you’re a great golfer. Low-compression balls might not allow you to hit the ball as far, but they’re easier to control, therefore perfect for amateurs who don’t want to spend too much time searching for lost balls.

Hopefully Your Game Will Now Improve

There is a good chance most things we’ve talked about are new to you, and it’s possible you didn’t even think the ball you used made much of a difference. Instead of looking at it negatively, you should look at it in a positive light. Your handicap could have been lower had you known all those years ago, but now when you start using the right ball you should see an immediate improvement in your game. Maybe you will end up with bragging rights over your friends after all, only you’ll be able to do it without spending money on a new set of clubs.