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How to Pick a PEVA Fabric Manufacturer

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PEVA has emerged as the most viable solution in plastics, whether it is for packaging or manufacturing building materials. Today it has replaced many other components, including the ever-pervasive PVC. It is used today for a whole range of products — from sports goods to packaging material, construction material, wearables and household goods. It is applicable wherever we need a polymer or a plastic composite.

If you are in manufacturing, chances are that you may need to work with PEVA fabric manufacturers. It is an extremely flexible element that has multiple usages. The challenge often lies in finding the right manufacturer. PEVA can be just part of the packaging or it can be the main product itself. Whatever the role, it is critical to find a reliable manufacturer. The requirement should be to find a reliable manufacturer who can supply just what you need.

Here are some tips to follow when deciding a manufacturer:

Doing due diligence

Before you sign on with any manufacturing supplier, it is critical that you do your due diligence, even if the manufacturer comes with a high recommendation. Keep in mind that the quality of supplier will reflect on your own product. So, research thoroughly before you decide. It is also prudent to keep two-three contenders and research each candidate to find the most suitable. Most manufacturers today have their own websites where you can check their particulars. You should also conduct personal interviews to pick the right candidate.


Experience is always welcome. But it is not always necessary. An experienced manufacturer knows the rules and regulations of the industry. They have better understanding of the trends in the field and in dealing with problems that can crop up any process. But you are not always looking for a company that has been working for n number of years. New PEVA fabric manufacturers are often more hungry for business and likely to bring innovation.


PEVA is used to make many different types of components — from constructing planks for flooring to shower curtains. But it’s important to remember that not every manufacturer builds all kind of material. The texture of the PEVA fabric can really differ and this is important to consider when building a product. Some products may also need specialised knowledge and technique. For instance, PEVA is used in biomedical engineering as a mode for drug delivery within the body. This is a very specialised manufacturing that needs certifications, component and design specialisations. So, if your product needs specialisation, it is better to look for a manufacturer who has that expertise.


Unless you are making a generic product, you will need customisation of the product. This could be just a way of creating a unique product or a very necessary requirement of the design. In fact, even something as generic as a shower curtain is today often customised by the designers. Many manufacturers will give you the standard sizes, which are actually quite wide in spectrum. But certain materials still need customisation in design or size. Your PEVA fabric manufacturer must be able to offer you this.

Type of PEVA

The working of the PEVA fabric can really change as per the composition. The greater the proportion of the EVA in the overall composition, the lower the melting point. It affects the physical properties of the material. The functioning of the product will, therefore, depend on the composition of the PEVA fabric. Most manufacturer will customise the composition as per requirements.  But it’s always better to check, since it can also affect the quality of the product.

Manufacturing scale

Each business has its own requirements, especially the amount of quantity you are looking for. The unit must at the very least meet your requirements. But this could differ from one manufacturer to another. Make sure that the manufacture has the capacity to meet the volumes you require and can scale up with time. If you need small volumes, you need to ensure that the manufacturer agrees to that.


This is often the important criteria. PEVA can be more expensive than plastics like PVC. Find out the usual rates for PEVA fabric manufacturers. The rates offered to you should be similar. If you are looking for bulk supplies, you can bargain for better prices.

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