How To Save Money On Tyres While Travelling

3 mins read

While heading out on a road trip, motorists always check their car’s engine, fuel level, oil level and other things, but mostly miss out inspecting the tyres. No matter how expensive your car is, poor quality or cheap tyres can not only damage the ride quality of your vehicle, but also rip you off financially. Today, we have 5 amazing tips to help you save money on tyres while you enjoy long excursions with your friends and family.

  1. Opt for Run-Flat Tyres

Run-Flat Tyres

If you are an SUV fan and love to go off-road every once in a while, go for the run-flat tyres, as they are more suitable on rough and rugged landscapes. A normal tyre would get punctured very quickly in rough conditions and by the time you reach the auto-shop to change the tyre, it would completely wear out. On the other hand, with the run-flat tyres you can continue driving even with puncture and go till a certain safe-distance to replace the tyre. Check out some of the best run-flat tyres at

  1. Order Online

Buying tyres online may bring you a welcome discount. Visit to checkout some amazing deals on new tyres and get them delivered right at your doorstep. At Tyres-Guru, you can easily search for the desired tyres by selecting the width, height and diameter and choose from the range of different brands.

  1. Maintaining Ideal Tyre Pressure

Having tyres inflated to their ideal level not only maximizes the performance of the car, but also improves the fuel economy. Even you use high-quality tyres, if they are not inflated enough, you won’t benefit from the optimum performance. On the other hand, if they are over inflated, the chances of tyre burst are high. The ideal pressure, if you are driving on a highway is 28kpa/4psi. Additionally, if you are carrying heavy loads or towing something, add 28kpa/4psi. Inflating tyres above 40 psi or 280 kPa is generally not recommended.

  1. Choose the Right Tyre Size for Your Car

Bigger tyres are not expensive, but also reduce your car’s fuel economy. It is important to only use the tyre size recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Find the perfect tyre size for your car on the owner’s manual.

  1. Rotating Your Tyres

One of the best tips to ensure the long life of your tyres is to rotate them frequently. This is especially useful in front wheel drive vehicles since they wear at a faster rate due to continuous braking, steering and driving. Swapping the front wheels with the rear wheels helps to balance this up. In the longer run, it can help you save money on tyre replacement.