How To Select The Right Magnetic Bracelet For Better Experience

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Magnetic bracelets are in demand because it makes you look good and feel better.

How magnetic bracelets work?

The bracelet needs to be worn on reflexive points to experience its result. The iron in blood gets magnetized and triggers a reaction. Blood circulation rate increases along with oxygen level. In addition, endomorphinsin level responsible to relieve you from pain gets boosted due to the occurrence of magnetic field. Thus, the body feels relaxed because the soreness gets alleviated.

How To Select The Right Magnetic Bracelet For Better Experience

Benefits of magnetic bracelets

  • Relieves from muscle and joint pains
  • Reduces shoulder pains
  • Heals menstrual back pains
  • Alleviates neck and headache
  • Increases metabolism and blood circulation
  • Lowers cholesterol level
  • Protects from harmful radiation
  • Controls diabetes and HBP
  • Eliminates stress
  • Cures respiratory issues
  • Destroys detrimental free radicals
  • Protects from ageing issues
  • Enhances immune system
  • Protects from cancer and degenerative diseases
  • Provides ionization energy
  • Heals insomnia
  • Nourishes body tissues
  • Heals insomnia

Now that you are planning to buy a magnetic bracelet then here are some things to understand. You can even visit our store for more information.

Understand the strength of magnetic bracelet

Gauss is the unit measurement of magnetic field. Medical therapy bracelet must have a rating of 800 gauss. Less rating will not be strong enough to penetrate the skin layers and provide magnetic benefits.

All available Gauss differ

Basically, Gauss rating applied for medical magnet was named after Carl Fiedrich Gauss, a German scientist. Industrial sector has changed the unit of measuring magnetic strength – “Tesla”.

Two main kinds of gauss measures

  1. External gauss or surface gauss
  2. Internal gauss or core gauss

Medical bracelet need to be measured in external or surface gauss. Internal rating is equal to 3.9 times external rating. For example, if gauss rating is 800 (external) then 800 x 3.9 = 3,120 internal gauss

Both the measurements are accurate, but you need to understand the two ratings. Several manufacturers take advantage of customer’s lack of knowledge. Looking at 3,120 gauss you may get a feeling that the magnet is very strong than similar product with rating 1,000 gauss. In this case, the former was internal gauss rating and the latter external. Therefore, if you find the gauss numbers in thousands then use the above formula to calculate the exact external gauss.

Select styles of magnet

Expandable bracelets, coils, open-ended bangles and more are the different styles of medical bracelets available. When you visit several websites, you will find that the bracelets look alike. In reality, the number of magnets differs but they still look same. For example, coil bracelet with just one magnet at each end will look similar on another website that may have five magnets. The linked bracelet on one site has a magnet included in each link, while on another site magnet is positioned in every 2nd link. Another thing to consider is the magnets strength in the links. Make sure that they are more than 800 gauss in every link.

Bracelet needs to fit appropriately

Make sure that the expandable bracelet is not too tight because this can lessen the blood circulation as well as cause swelling.

Non expandable bracelet must not have plenty of slack, which can hold the magnets away from skin. Therefore buy the correct size. Choose a medical bracelet half inch longer than actual wrist circumference.

Select the right kind of medical bracelet for magnetic therapy and reap the benefits.