How To Set Up A Motivating Home Office

4 mins read

Better known as SOHOs, small offices home offices are quite popular in western countries. Working from home is an emerging trend and is there to stay. So while you are going to work at home, why not stay organized and clutter-free. Working from home is not an easy task as much as it sounds easier. Chances of starting work late and ending early exist all the time and distraction multiplies. Constant noise of people talking or dishes or phone calls will disturb you a lot. So it is necessary to have a separate room with a door to stay away from interruptions. Apart from being organized and de-cluttered, maintaining timing and decorum will leave you satisfied.

Do It Alone: Working at home is a solo thing. So setting up an office at home is a task to be completed alone. Do not rely on your colleagues company for a tea break or a smoke. Set up your space your way. Pick up ideas from internet. Do not think that the room you would be working in would be a makeshift area. Make it look like a real office.

Lists: Make a list of things to keep in the office; like computer, its peripherals, al-in-one printer, phone, fax, a portable table and a chair. After arranging them rightly, work on the lighting. Adequate light is needed for any office. Place extra lamps and lights on your table. Having windows can be an added advantage. Find a place to keep your paperwork and extra stuff. Do not clutter your computer table with any extras and papers. As far as possible, go paperless.

Work Hours: Decide on your work timing. And follow it. Working 5 hours a day can be a god start. As you get used to your home office, add an hour extra to your work timing. Dedication is must while working from home. Indulge yourself into it for better productivity. Keep aside all distractions like mobile phones and personal phone calls.

Distractions: Television in the next room can be an easy distraction if you are addicted to your favorite programs. Similarly radio or video games should be avoided. Family members will demand your attention most of the time so try to lock the door with a placard saying “Do Not Disturb”. Also constant background noise from neighbors or door bells, pets and kids will stay. The best thing to do would be to concentrate and have self control.

Décor: Even the décor matters a lot when it comes to working from home. Once your office is arranged and organized, decorate it with some office tags and posters. Don’t overdo it though. Create a book shelf or buy a small wooden shelf where you can put your business related books and magazines. Have extra sitting space and chairs for your clients, if any. Place your awards and certificates where they are visible to everyone. Also place storage boxes, jars and binders neatly in a nice arrangement.

Julia is a project manager from Melbourne working for one of Australia’s leading manufacturer and hire company providing a complete range of transportable buildings and portable site office solutions.