5 Good Pay Per Click Management Tactics That Will Ensure Maximum ROI

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Without proper management plan, your pay per click advertising campaign will fail. If you don’t calculate correctly your spending and your potential profit, every click will be wasted for bad leads or you will spend more money than you earn. Here are 5 good pay per click management tactics that will ensure maximum ROI for you:

1.Avoid Investing On “Stupid” Keywords

It is unwise for you to invest your money on keywords that likely won’t convert well such as keywords with spelling mistakes and broad keywords. Most of the time, those keywords will only make you lose money. Yet, most “experts” Will recommend you to bid on those keywords “just in case”. It is better for you to find targeted keywords that have the highest relevancy to your landing page. In this way, you will have better results and better quality clicks.

2.Split Test Your Landing Page

Split testing is very important if you want to increase your conversion rate. Remember, in any marketing scheme, higher conversion rate is what you aim for. You have to split test your landing page so that you can improve your conversion rate. This is a long-term process, but if you constantly test your landing page and improve it, you’ll have better and better return of investment from your PPC advertising campaign.

3.Stay Away From The Stiff Competition

Competitive keywords only mean two things for you: they will cost more per click, and they will have lower click through rate.So, always seek for the alternative. You have to find keywords that have low competition and low CPC. To find these keywords, you will need to use some handy keyword research tools that will help you to determine exactly what keywords have low competition and what keywords have high competition.

4.Analyze Your Campaign Performance

You have to look for your campaign performance each day. If you find that some keywords are bringing you good sales, expand your promotion on those keywords. If you find that some keywords are making you to lose money, discard them quickly. Your aim is to achieve high return of investment from your campaign, so you need to be aware of your campaign performance. Always install tracking codes in each of your campaign and landing page.

5.Improve The Quality Of Your Ad

If you see that your campaign has 1000 impressions but only 10 clicks, then it means that your ad copy is not good enough. Your click through rate will affect your conversion, so you have to ensure that you have high click through rate in your advertising campaign. When people are excited with your ad, they will likely become excited with your offer a well. So, be sure to refine your ad copy whenever you see any bad CTR in your campaign. Once you improve your ad copy, you will improve your CTR, which will lead you to higher conversion.

Those are some tactics that you can apply in your pay per click advertising campaign in order to achieve maximum return of investment. PPC is a quick way to earn money, but it is also a quick way to lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Those tactics will help you to make your PPC campaign a quick money earner instead of a quick money waster.

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