How to Take Advantage of Natural Light in Your Home

3 mins read

There are few things that can transform the ambiance in a room more quickly and easily than natural sunlight. For many people, an ample supply of sunlight can stream into a room simply by opening the blinds or drapes. If this effort is not producing enough sunlight for your needs or preferences, you can maximize the amount of natural sunlight in your home by following these steps.

Clean Your Windows

You may not readily notice how filthy your windows are, so now is the right time to get close to the glass panes and determine how much matter is caked on them. While you likely can still see straight through the windows without issue, this film of dirty residue can partially block some of the light. The result is that your rooms may seem rather drab and dreary even when the blinds are open on sunny days. For the best results, clean the interior and exterior of all windows. Consider hiring a professional if you need help cleaning windows on the top floor of your home.

Trim the Bushes

You may enjoy the privacy that comes from having thick, tall foliage in front of your home, but this privacy comes with a price. The foliage blocks the sunlight from entering your home. In some cases, the foliage may have a similar shading impact on your home’s interior as a set of closed blinds. Trim back these bushes and other types of vegetation so that nothing blocks your windows. You may need to hire an arborist to think your trees if your entire yard is shaded. If necessary, redesign your landscaping so that foliage is away from the house.

Upgrade Window Coverings

Another great idea is to replace your window coverings. For example, Luxaflex blinds may be more advantageous than the current style of window treatments in your home. In addition to upgrading the blinds, consider replacing heavy drapes with sheers to allow more light to penetrate into your rooms. Remember to open the blinds and drapes during daytime hours throughout the home. You may connect automatic blinds with your smart home system for more convenient functionality.

Some homes lack sufficient natural light because of their layout. If these ideas do not resolve your issue, you may need to consult with a contractor about installing larger windows or designing a flowing, open floorplan. This home improvement project can be combined with the other ideas listed here as need to produce exceptional results.