How to Use Squidoo Lens to Promote Your Site

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Squidoo is a not only a web 2.0 site that allows webmasters to publish all kinds of content. The webmaster is free to include as many links as they want in the squidoo lens. You will never get banned no matter if you put in a lot of links in the squidoo lens. However, you should not include too many links because it will cause people to feel that you are trying to promote your product. The links should be inserted randomly throughout the squidoo lens. In order for the squidoo lens to rank high on the search engine, it must be optimized for the search engine. As always, content is king. Good squidoo lens content will attract the search engine crawling boat. The search engine spiders like to index and rank squidoo lens that offer useful content that are beneficial to the readers. If your squidoo lens use copy content, it will never rank on the search result.

Optimise your Lense

The content should be related to the niche of the product or service which you are promoting. The URL which you insert in the content must be related to the topic of the squidoo lens. You cannot insert URL that are not related to the squidoo lens. If you do, the link will not receive a high value from the search engine. Relevant links are always the best. If you use irrelevant link, the product will receive a lower sales conversion rate. This is because the niche of the product is not related to squidoo lens. If you are using subheader, make sure you include at least one keyword. The content under the subheader should also contain at least one keyword. Every squidoo lens account has a lensroll. The lensroll is used to feature all the squidoo lenses. The squidoo lenses allow visitors to browse all the squidoo lenses which you have made. To increase the traffic to the squidoo lens, you can submit to other squidoo lens site such as Lens Roll, and Squidom.

Going at Squidoo

Before submitting to Squidoo, you must create an account. Most directories require you to click a verification link after you have registered for the account. After you have activated your account, you have to update the profile. Many people didn’t bother to update the profile because they dont realize its importance. Having a professional profile will increase the conversion rate of your product sales. If you don’t have a biography, people will regard you as unprofessional. A professional must have a professional biography. You should upload a current photo and include a short biography. By including a short biography, people will know what kinds of products or services you are selling. When they are familiar with the product you are selling, they will be willing to buy it. You can optimize the biography with keywords. The search engine will also index the biography of the author. If your biography is optimized, it will rank for the targeted keyword when it is indexed in the search result. When people land on your biography page, they will browse the articles submitted by you as well. If they are interested in your product, they will visit your website to learn more information.

Monetize your Lens

What you have on your site. What objective your content has can affect fulfillment of your monetary needs. I am just suggesting some alternate ways to monetize your Squidoo Lenses are as follows :-

  • Affiliate Programs – These days many companies offer affiliate programs. You can pick products as per your blogging niche or can start writing about product. You have seen in your affiliate program. By providing product reviews, product awareness with hi resolution pictures and a affiliate link. Will provide you a decent reward for every product sold by your link.
  • List best products – Identify products by researching on wide range of products in a category. Create a ‘best of list’ based on trending searches etc. It will help people in choosing the right product and save their time. They will appreciate your research and you will get Mouth Marketing as well. Do you know word of mouth is the most effective type of marketing.
  • Trending searches – Keeping an eye on current trending search topics. On social media create your social presence involve your audience by talking about topics they love.
  • Squidoo Payouts –  Squidoo payouts are complex. As they provide payouts on the basis of average monthly performance. The top 2000 lenses will get a payout of $80 next 8000 lenses get $10 and the next 75000 will receive 50 cents. These are calculated on the basis of ad revenue so fluctuation can easily observed. You can also opt to donate squidoo earning for charity too. To become eligible for payout conducted once in two months. For this your lense must be published regularly in the whole month.


Squidoo lenses offer great benefit and provides a great impact on your sites. Simply follows suggestions given above. This will help you to start your successful journey and take an advantage of this great phenomena. By just spending some and time and efforts allows you to use Squidoo lenses easily. If you have any other new idea for Squidoo lense just leave us a comment.      

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