Reasons For Making An Explainer Video For Your Business

Reasons For Making An Explainer Video For Your Business

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Videos are the most viewed content over the internet, which makes them a great marketing tool. The reason why video-based content gets massive attention is all a part of the Google’s algorithm for search rankings.

How does Google’s search algorithm works?

It considers the number of times a site gets visitors and the time span for which visitors stay on a particular website. This is the reason why Video based content marketing is seeing immense development.

Explainer videos have gained popularity over the past few years and they will most probably stay popular in the future due to their accessibility and affordability. This trait is what makes explainer videos a great marketing tool.

It works for both, established industries and new emerging brands. There are various reasons for which marketers should go for video based content marketing, some of those are mentioned here for you to read.

Upsurge conversion rate:

Explainer videos increase the sales rate for products by eighty-five percent. They help emerging businesses collect information about their clients and potential buyers by displaying the number of views over each video.

Therefore, for businesses manually counting sales for determining the popularity of a product, gone are the days of putting an extra effort in client data collection. Not only can they deliver information to their clients better, they can convince them into purchasing their products.

Clarify the stance of your product

When it comes to delivering clear messages explainer videos do the job better than textual content. When it comes to text-based content, there are more than one ways for it to be interpreted. Therefore, video based content like animated video explainer and others are preferred over text-based content.

A thirty-second explainer video can deliver information on the usefulness, needs, functionalities and functions of a product or a service. People gain a better understand when they see someone explain information that they were acquiring about the product and service. It also allows marketers to connect with their customers better.

Brings more attention to your product:

Visual content is gaining more and more popularity in this era. A great number of businesses and industries are opting for video and image based marketing techniques. Thought text based content marketing still maintains its position and importance, a good explainer video is like the cherry on the top of all marketing efforts.

Multiple studies conducted in this domain have concluded that over seventy percent of the internet users watch videos online; most of these online viewers have the potential to turn in to probable customers.

Provides a better rank in the Google’s search engine:

People do not have the time to read stories they prefer information that is easily delivered to them. Therefore, websites with pages that contain endless paragraphs of textual content and some images rank low in the google search. That means less exposure and recognition. Furthermore, it also scares away potential customers, because an average person takes a minute or two when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

Brings more web traffic:

Instant fame and going viral has been a thing that has been around since the inception of YouTube. A viral video or a trending video is content that pops-up in your YouTube recommendations and gets an overwhelming amount of view in a short amount of time.

If you are looking for a recipe that helps you in going viral over YouTube then there are no set rules to follow. However, there are a few strategical techniques, which if followed correctly can pay off in the end.

Helps your audience in memorizing the information:

It is a proven fact that an average mind can retain visual information better than textual information. Most people can remember almost fifty present of the visual information that is presented to them. This makes video based marketing a great tool for spreading your brand’s name along with your product and service. This also allows you to use subliminal marketing techniques, which do not apply that well when you are marketing your product through a text based content.

Allows you to pitch your idea better

A short explainer video can give you a loyal customer in sixty seconds. The reason to that, video based content makes it easier for you to communicate with your audience, it gives you a better platform for engagement, given that your script is strong enough for you to convince and connect with your audience on a personal level.


Animated explainer videos can be made at home; you would not have to invest your time in hiring actors or in figuring out a schedule. Anyone can use this easy marketing tool for improving his or her business.