How to Verify Pingbacks, Trackbacks and Comments

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People criticize comments made on blogs because they often seen as lack of authority, this is so because anyone can post whatever thing they like on the blog by use of a fake name since there’s no process to verify to make sure that the individual is who they assert to be.

Both trackbacks and Pingbacks aim to give some verification to commenting on blogs. While some may feel that trackbacks are superior to pingbacks, because one can see some excerpts of what a person has written others favor pingbacks because pingbacks creates a connection that is verifiable between the different posts.

Moderation of Comments
This is a feature that allows the owner of the website, the author of specific article to be able to scrutinize and also control different comments on the various posts, and can also help to tackle spam comment. It lets one moderate the incoming comments, delete the comments that are unwanted, approve the good comments and make decisions concerning other comments.

Comment Spam
Comment spam is a term that refers to comments that are useless or trackbacks and pingbacks that are posted on a certain blog. The spam comments are often inappropriate to the situation value of the blog post. They may contain one or many links to other domains or websites. Spammers usually use comment Spam like a means to get a higher rank in page rank for their various domains in Google. It is so that they may be able to sell their domains at higher prices sometimes in prospect or in order to obtain a rank that is high in search results in an existing website .most spammers are persistent; this is for the simple reason that there can be a substantial amount of money involved, they labor hard. They may even build tools that are automated to quickly present their spam to the very weblog or other multiple weblogs. Many bloggers on the web, especially those beginning may sometimes feel weighed down by Comment Spam. In spite of this there are ways of avoiding comment spam. WordPress for example includes tools to combat comment spam. In due time, they are able to manage comment spam and do not give up on blogging.

Pretty Permalinks
Permalinks are URLS which are permanent to one’s individual posts on the weblog, categories and also postings which are on other weblogs. Another weblog will use a permalink to denote your article or how one sends an article to their email addresses .The URL of a certain article should not change because some people could link ones individual postings. URLS are therefore supposed to be permanent.

“Pretty” Permalinks is an impression that the URLs are regularly detectable to those who click on them, they should thus be created in a way such that they are sensible. They should not be filled with parameters that incomprehensible. The finest Permalinks can be hacked which means that the link text can be modified by the user to circumnavigate to other sections of the weblog or other listings.

It is easy for one to guess that a certain permalink contains the day the article was posted , its title by just looking One can easily guess that the Permalink includes the date of the posting, and the title just by a look on the URL. One can also predict that by altering the URL to be archives/ 2004/05 it is possible to get a whole list of the postings that have been made since the month of May 2004. This could just be wonderful not?