How to Write Good, SEO-Friendly Articles

4 mins read

There are two essential goals of creating topnotch content for your website or blog the first of which is creating content of such a nature as to lure in those scavenging the interwebs for information and in long run drive conversions up the scale. The second goal is that the content should be able to reach as many people as people and both of these objectives can be achieved by creating high ranking SEO content that’ll catapult you to the head of the SEO line. Without further ado, here are a few pointers to writing quality SEO-friendly articles.

1) Creating good articles through engaging content

i) Be practical
The definition of captivating content is a vital aspect of SEO success and you can make your articles good in a number of ways. First, avoid solely writing from a theoretical point of view but also use solid examples which the reader can relate to.

ii) Write in your own voice
Secondly, do not be afraid to write in your unique voice whether quirky or funny even if you may come as a bit odd. The greatest asset of an article is its signature voice which helps your audience relate to you as a human being and not just some robot punching away behind a keyboard. There are specific standards of professionalism to adhere to depending on your niche but don’t be afraid to express yourself within these boundaries. This way, you’ll earn a lot more readers who will be happy to share your content and ultimately buy your product or service.

iii) Know your audience and revise your work
It is also important to understand your audience and write in a language appropriate for them. Generally, avoid jargon and use short, concise paragraphs featuring links every now and then that’ll provide further information to the reader. Lastly, do not forget to thoroughly scrutinize your work to ensure you always put your best foot forward.

2) How to write for SEO

We’ve seen how to write good articles now we’ll be delving into how to create SEO-friendly content:

i) Go organic
Sometimes the road most travelled is the way to go so don’t be afraid to integrate your content with popular SEO keywords as it is still an excellent way to boost recommendations. However, make sure that the keywords are incorporated nicely in line with your subject matter lest you be found guilty of keyword stuffing by the reader.

ii) Keyword placement
Optimize the placement of keywords by including them in subtitles and titles. Create a hierarchal list of keywords and give priority to those that generate the most searches up front. Also, don’t forget to use your vital keyword phrase in the title.

iii) Throw in a couple of pictures.
It also important to accompany your webpage with a few images finished off by alt text so that you don’t get left behind on image searches. Aside from helping you climb up the ranking ladder, image-driven content also helps to dynamically break the monotony of text and is also a great digital marketing strategy particularly for viral content.

Now merge the two vital aspects of article creation i.e. creating good articles and creating SEO friendly content and you’ll have yourself some great content that’ll see your Google standing rise significantly.