Hypnotic Dream II (Mary Kills The Ghost)

Hypnotic Dream II (Mary Kills The Ghost)

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Renee Zawawi writes and directs a horror film. This film reminds the audience of the fabulous old film by Robert Weine ” The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” in 1920. Series of murders committed by hypnotist called Dr. Caligari.

Renee first moved to New York, her  name  was confused with a beautiful actress – her name is Renee too but her last name is “Zellweger”. “Renée Zellweger”.  I would say “Renee Zawawi” and casting directors go, Uh! Renee Zellwegar!

Hypnotic Dream II (Mary Kills The Ghost)

The agent Renee was working with at that time, suggested, she would change her last name to her roots and go by Renee Sharif.   Omar Sharif is her great great grandfather. Her parents originally from Arabia with French blood.  It worked! She started booking “Arabic Voice Over” Work and my agent was happy!

Her father was a medical doctor. He is a double certified physician.  A Neurologist and a Psychiatrist. Mother is a medical doctor as well; before she died, she invented a medical device for Local anesthesia.

Renee was born in Philadelphia; at the university of Pennsylvania. Parents were medical students, they were still hippie, and they named, Renee Love. When Renee was a baby, her parents used to take her to their classes. She was very popular; everyone one had changed my dippers at some point in their lives.

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