Importance and Advantages Of Organic Cotton

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Cotton is used far and wide and it is considered one of the dirtiest crops because it needs a lot of care and pesticide and insecticide in order to grow. A lot of poison needs to be spread out on regular cotton so that it will succeed and grow as it should.

Organic cotton on the other hand requires no poisons at all which means that the crop is much healthier and it produces better fibers that can be used for many purposes, but it is far better to utilize organic cotton for clothes.


Importance and Advantages Of Organic Cotton

For cotton to grow you will need a lot of water and that is why it is better to grow cotton in areas where there is a lot of water; arid areas near the seas, lakes or rivers are great places. However, non-organic cotton will require a lot of irrigation and because there are a lot of chemicals involved, the soil will not hold the water as it should.

Organic cotton fields on the other hand, because the soil is not treated with chemically tampered additives and fertilizers hold and retain water better so that organic cotton can grow in better conditions. This will also secure the soil to be better prepared for the next harvest. Moreover, organic soil will hold water better which means that you will need to use less water to grow your cotton crops.


Because organic cotton does not require chemicals to be grown, farmers and workers on the field utilize natural predators and intercropping to yield the best results. These methods are meant to achieve an ecological balance between nature and the ability to grow cotton crops. Moreover, by using natural fertilizers and animal manure, it is possible to keep the soil healthy and nitrogen rich, which is needed for the soil to have an excellent harvest.

Compost is also welcome in organic growing, it is also used as a fertilizer and it will help the soil to stay healthy and nutrient rich so that organic cotton can grow without any issues.


Importance and Advantages Of Organic Cotton

Organic cotton products are not that easy to find on the market as not many companies use it; however, those industries that turned to organic cotton produce better products as the organic cotton fiber is stronger and more durable. Nowadays, organic clothing is more available in the form of clothes made of hemp, organic cotton, and even bamboo clothing, and is well worth the money as it will last you longer and it will be more durable. Moreover, you will be helping organic farmers to preserve nature in a safer and more efficient way; also you will help reduce pollution.


Non-organic fibers can really irritate the skin as they are soaked with chemicals and you should try to look for organic cotton as it will feel better on the skin and it will last you longer. The industry is changing and it is slowly integrating organic cotton into their regular line of production so that your organic cotton clothes will be better and more attractive.