Tips and Advice For Teenagers Aspiring To Become Models

Tips and Advice For Teenagers Aspiring To Become Models

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Do you have dreams of becoming a model? A lot of teenagers want to go down this career path. If you are passionate about succeeding as a model, your teenage years are a great time to start reaching for the stars. Nonetheless, merely looking the part is not enough! If you want to crack this industry, you need to realise that modelling is an extremely tough world to break into, and this applies for teenage modelling as well. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover some top tips and pieces of advice for any teenager that aspires to become a model…

Learning How to Take the Word ‘No’

 There is only one place to begin and this is with learning how to take the word no. Rejection is something that is often extremely hard to take and this is especially the case for teenagers. However, you are going to hear the word ‘no’ when it comes to modelling, irrespective of how good you are! Learning how to take the word no is what will either make you or break you in this industry. You should use every no to drive you to succeed. It is pivotal to remember that you may have completely aced a casting, yet not get the job. Why? Well, you simply may not be the right fit for the campaign in question. You are not going to bag every job you go for. Even the best models in the world fail to land campaigns. Designers and photographers have a vision in mind and you may not meet the vision and that’s okay because you may completely fit the brief for another role. Keep trying and see every single casting as a learning curve, whether you get the job or not.

Look After Yourself

A lot of teenagers underestimate the importance of looking after themselves. One late night can result in looking tired and this can be extremely detrimental to you in getting the job you are going for. So, make sure you get into a regular sleeping pattern. You also need to eat healthily and exercise on a frequent basis. Drink a lot of water as well.

Talk To Your Parents

 Your parents are going to play an extremely pivotal role, if you are to make it in the world of teenage modelling. First and foremost, if you are 17 years old or younger you will actually need their permission in order to be a teen model. Moreover, their support is going to be imperative. You should never go to a casting alone. A parent should be with you at all times. Plus, their advice and guidance is going to be of extreme importance. Sadly there are always going to be people that try and take advantage of inexperienced models, whether it comes to the amount you get paid or the contract that is drawn up or anything else. Your parents will ensure this does not happen. They will also be there to pick you up if you are finding it difficult to get jobs and such like. Include them and let them know how passionate you are about succeeding.

Tips and Advice For Teenagers Aspiring To Become Models

Be Aware Of Scams

 This links to the point that has just been mentioned about having your parents on board. One of the reasons why this is so important is because your parents will be of great assistance when it comes to assuring you do not fall victim to any scams. Unfortunately scams are very common in the world of modelling. There are those that play on people’s passions and dreams to their own gain. Teenage models are often the most vulnerable, since they are unaware of the tricks being played by such companies. Always act with caution. Don’t let your heart rule your head. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You should also never have to hand over money for roles and job interviews either. If your parents believe a certain job or agency is a scam, trust them. They are not trying to ruin your dreams; they’re trying to avoid losing their money to fake companies!

Create a Winning Portfolio

 A model’s portfolio is everything! It is essentially your CV. Whether you are a teen model or an adult model, your portfolio has to be on point. What should you include in your portfolio? Diversity is the key! You need to show that you are capable of handling an array of tasks. If you pull the same facial expression in every photograph you won’t get very far. Moreover, don’t try and include as many photographs as possible. Be extremely selective about what makes the cut. It is better to have a few impeccable photographs than lots of mediocre ones.

Be Professional at All Times

 This is where a lot of teenage models suffer. Since younger women tend to have no experience with going for jobs and how to behave on set, they can often slip up when it comes to acting professionally. However, no one is going to make allowances simply because you are younger. You need to act impeccably at all times. You should always be punctual. Show up early, never late. You should never cancel any invitations you have been given, unless certain circumstances, mean you have a valid reason for not going. Treat everyone you meet with respect and never let these high standards slip.

Pick an Agency with Care

 The agency you choose is essentially going to represent you. Moreover, they are going to be responsible for finding you opportunities in the modelling world. Thus it is extremely important that you choose your agency with care. Firstly, make sure the agency you choose has a great focus on teenage modelling in particular. You may have your heart set on one of the best modelling agencies in the world. However, if that agency does not have a lot of teenage models on its books, it’s going to be no good for you! Not only will you suffer in terms of job opportunities, but those looking for teenage models will not head to the website of the agency in question. You should also take a look at the agency’s website. Is it updated frequently? Take a look at the models that are currently on the website. Are they advertised well? This is extremely important. You should also talk to the agency about what they can do for you specifically and you should read reviews that have been left by other models to see what they had to say about being represented by the agency in question. This is the best way to get an honest assessment regarding the level of service you are likely to benefit from.

Practise, practise and practise some more!

 Last but not the least; keep practising and keep perfecting your craft. Spend a lot of time in the mirror learning all about your angles and what works best for you. All of this effort really pays off. If a model does not know what works for them, it shows!

So there you have it – the top tips for making it as a teenage model! If you follow all of the advice that has been provided in this post, you definitely have the best chance of making it big in this fierce and competitive industry.