Importance of Storage Units of eCommerce Businesses

4 mins read

Majority of the business owners nowadays avoid the expense of a fixed store mainly because of the opportunity of operating exclusively in the online market. Still, some companies are there that need to store their products as well as equipment.

With a significant rise in the number of companies operating online and not having concrete offices, it gets imperative for them to store their stocks. And nothing could be more effective than hiring public or self-storage units.

This post talks about the fact why the concept of storage facilities is getting more and more popular amongst the eCommerce companies. So, let’s begin!

But before that – Did You Know?

The United States of America has the maximum number of storage units all across the world. As per the records of official sources, the country accounts for having more than 48,500 storage facilities in 2014. More than 1,000 service providers were there for offering self-storage facilities, and 40% of them are for commercial purposes.

Now let’s look at the importance!

  • Price

In most of the cases, storage facilities are available outside the main city, and thus it makes them extremely cheap per square foot as compared to the convention office or warehouse. Another best thing is that businesses get to pay only for what they use.

The charges for storage facilities are unique all across the country, but the charges are always less as in comparison to offices that come with hefty rent values. This help early startups and even large firms to organize their funds in a better way.

  • Easy to Expand

Most of the storage facilities service providers offer flexible lease terms, and this makes it extremely easy for businesses to expand. This is best for the early startups that usually starts with minimum space in the beginning and then take on to more square spaces if the business starts booming.

  • Short-Term Notice Period

The current scenario in the world of business is not so stable, and a firm can incur loss at any point of time. This is the reasons businesses avoid going for long-term contracts for shops or warehouses.

Most of the service providers offer public storage in Dallas as well as in other location in the States offer facilities just at the notice of one month or even for one week. These help businesses to swift or to changes in a hassle-free way without incurring much loss on the investments for storage units.

  • Utmost Security

In most of the cases, storage units have the arrangements of CCTV cameras running round the clock to have a close look at the people getting in and out of the area. The arrangements also have security personnel who look the stock or equipment of the businesses.

One of the major reasons for the upsurge of the online businesses in the last few years is the requirement of small or minimal investment. Without setting up with a fixed store or office area, one can easily establish a business and can run effectively. But above all the need for storing stocks and inventories will always be there and here comes the importance of hiring storage facilities.