Important Checklist For a Foolproof WordPress Powered Website

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An exceptionally designed WordPress website is the best thing since sliced bread and to achieve this you have to put in your blood and sweat. WordPress development services include a variety of things that holds the integrity of the website. With millions of things that needs to be taken care of sometimes, we tend to forget some minute details that affect the functioning of a website. There are times when a developer forgets to check the quality or the authenticity of the plugins that are being used, which indirectly affects the website. To avoid this it is always necessary to have a list of important things so that you do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to quality.

Important Checklist For a Foolproof WordPress Powered Website

Below mentioned are some of the important points that cannot be given a miss when it comes to providing the best of services.

Checklist before the development process:

1. Be quite stringent with username and passwords so that you do not end up in losing out your data to hackers. Install the password protected plugin to enhance the security of your demo website.

2. Make sure to select the right directory and install it under public_html.

3. Do not make the presence of your test website on the technical platter before it is fully complete. Protect it from the search engines during the initial stages.

4. It is necessary to update the blog titles along with setting the default date and time under the setting category.

5. Last, but not the least, do not forget to delete the sample config file, WP-config-sample.php under the public_html category.

Checklist during the development process:

1. Follow a sitemap that is already created in advance in Notepad or Word that includes pages such as About Us and Contact us.

2. Do not forget to add blog categories as well as posts, tags and media files. Incorporate the Email Opt-in form for newsletter subscription.

3. Make a list of plugins that you wish to use so that you do not leave out the important once disrupting the functioning of your website.

4. Create social media profiles and do not forget to integrate the social media icons to form a connection with the website and the other social media platforms.

5. Check for the quality of content. Make sure that the content is neat and clean with images that are not oversized or blurred out, disrupting the aesthetics of the website.

6. Check the accessibility of the search pages by navigating the site to Http://

Checklist for launching:

1. Security plays an important role once the website has been launched. Make use of security plugins to tighten the security feature of the website.

2. Make sure that your website is mobile responsive sin nature so that it does not leave out the major chunk of people who will be using mobile phones to get access to the website.

3. Have a check on the performance of the website and if necessary take steps to improve the speed of the website.

4. Make use of the latest WordPress version so that you do not end up hacking your website in the initial stages.

5. Check for links and images that are properly placed and do not account for any kind of discrepancy in the website performance.

A Final Note:

These are some of the basic things that should not be given a miss before you make your website go live on the web. It is always fruitful to have a checklist of important things so that your WordPress development services do not fall short of these milestones to achieve success.