Bathing In Winter: TOP 7 Places In Europe To Bath

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If you like swimming and beach holidays, you think of countries with hot weather and comfortable water. You should know that Europe is full of worthy places, where you can have good rest not only in summer, but in autumn and winter. The main thing is find a right place.

Szechenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest: Funny and Budgetary

Szechenyi Thermal Bath is legendary place. What is more, it is really budget place. Three thermal bathes are situated in a big complex in the center of the city. The territory is decorated with open air swimming pools with many statues, special lights around. The bathes differ with their temperature. The first basin is sportive: the water is cool. The second basin is popular for youth: the water is warm and pleasant. The last, third bath is full of hot water. You can always play chess in water. It is strange, but interesting. You can buy single ticket or season ticket.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Saturnia, Italy: God’s Blessing to Everyone

Italian blue water of Saturnia is popular all over the world. It is scientifically approved that water from this bath is rich in hydrogen sulfide, sulfate, bicarbonate and alkaline earth metals, including calcium, magnesium. The water is always 37,5 warm. You can also bath in natural lagoon – it is free. Nevertheless, you should remember that natural lagoon is lovely place for visiting by natives. It is always crowded here.

The water of basins is full of useful elements, so, it is of dense consistency. As you can see, it is not recommended for diving. You should better relax and get some rest. If you decided to visit natural lagoon, remember that it is not deep here. This is the right place for bathe, but not to swim.

Riga: Bathing in the Stars

Latvia is not a usual place for SPA tourism. There is no problem to visit SPA in Riga or Jurmala. The number one of them is huge complex ESPA Riga in the center of Riga. The open air basin with thermal water is situated on the roof of a high building. So, you can relax looking at the stars up to you. SPA center works with natural cosmetics. The massages are aimed to relax, release you from stress and nervous disorders. The best visiting SPA hotel in Jurmala is Baltic Beach Hotel.

Iceland: Blue Lagoon and Even More

Of course, the most prominent thermal complex in Iceland is Blue Lagoon. The water is deep blue and rich in clay. It is really difficult to get there. It is necessary to book visiting ticket beforehand. You can do it online without problems. Nevertheless, Blue Lagoon is usual attraction for tourists. Locals come to bath here just once or twice a year. First of all, it is not cheap. Secondly, the resort is located far from the city. So, you have to hire a car in Reykjavik to get to the right place in time. It is more preferable for locals to visit one of numerous thermal basins in the city.

If you decided to bath in the swimming pool, it usually takes a couple of EUR for one visit. Everything is standardly simple. One more thing, it is recommended to bath in the shower before and after swimming pool. Thermal bathes in Iceland are popular places for having dates. This is the right place to meet and analyze each other to the full.

Thermal baths at The Blue Lagoon
IMG Source: Gail Hampshire

Leukerbad, Switzerland: Naked Pleasure

The little town Laukerbad is the most popular thermal SPA in Switzerland. Alpine bathes supply local complexes of Walliser Alpentherme & Spa and Leukerbad Therme with healthful water of 40 degrees warm. The biggest thermal complex Walliser includes different kinds of saunas (steam, herbal, stone, dry sauna), Roman-Irish bathes that was discovered in the 19th century by famous Irish doctor. There are also natural thermal bathes in the open air. You can bath and have some rest with the admirable Alpine view.

Attention! You can bath in saunas and Roman-Irish bathes just naked. Men and women bath together. This is your chance to better your health and meet new friends to be comfortable. The rest of bathes are available in the swimming suits or special clothes.

Austria: Bathing and Skiing

Thermal Complex Alpentherme Gastein is opened in Austrian town Bad Hofgastein. This is a good variant for tourists, who want to bath and ski all together: two-in-one. There are many ski descents in the territory of Bad Hofgastein. Thermal complex Alpentherme Gastein is considered to be ultra-modern place in Austria: two thermal pools in the open air, saunas, geysers and beautiful Alpine view. Traditionally, European tourists used to bath naked. The steam rooms in Alpentherme Gastein are available for men and women all together. Do not be surprised!

07 Thermal Römerbad

Montegrotto: Healthy and Cultural

Actually, thermal zone of Montegrotto and Abano Terme are situated in Italian region of Veneto. That was a place of chic and glamour. The crisis of Italian industry had strong influence over the situation in the country. The most of resorts were destroyed to be the favorite place for aged people. Nevertheless, comparing Abano and Montegrotto, there are many differences between them. Montegrotto boasts with two excellent hotels, where young and beautiful people come for rest: Mioni Royal San of 4 stars and Relilax Hotel Terme Miramonti of five stars.

Both of these hotels have open air swimming pools full of warn thermal water. It is very pleasant to bath here, especially, in cold weather. There is a great opportunity to have picnic or romantic dinner at the bath territory. You can also combine your bath therapy with cultural development. The opportunities are wide: Verona, Venice and Padua are situated close to each other. Your car can help to travel from one city to another, learning history and interesting places.

So, you can bath in summer or winter, as you wish. There are many countries are waiting for you with their SPA and thermal complexes. It is healthful, hot and sometimes unusual. This is your chance to better health and forget about traditional society rules and prescriptions.