Incredible Day Out: 6 Ways to Spend Time in Denver

Incredible Day Out: 6 Ways to Spend Time in Denver

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Denver is one of the largest mountain cities in the United States. It’s located between the Great Plains in the east and the Rocky Mountains in the west. Therefore, one part of the megalopolis is predominated by plains, and another one – by hilly areas. In this regard, chic panoramas of the mountains and plains are open from the outskirts of the city, providing excellent opportunities for sightseeing. However, many other entertainments are also available in Denver.

Here are some interesting ways to spend time in Denver for those who are tired of sightseeing and want to spend time in an unusual way…

Enjoy skiing in the vicinity of Denver

If you are a fan of winter sports, then during the cold season you can visit one of the beautiful ski resorts of Colorado. A lot of them are located at the distance of 180-200 miles from Denver. After arriving at the local airport, you’ll be able to reach your favorite ski resort by using a car, since Denver Airport car rental 24 hours is the best solution for getting to the ski resorts of Colorado.

So, what ski resort to choose? For example, in Keystone over 116 tracks of different complexity level are at your disposal. Here you can enjoy skiing at night and snowboarding during the daytime. Breckenridge is also a perfect ski destination to ride along the snow-covered slope on the board. However, the most popular ski resorts of Colorado are Aspen, Vail and Beaver Creek. If your choice is Aspen, then you will try 4 large skiing areas, where 320 fully-equipped ski runs are offered. By the way, you can will also see there celebrities who prefer to have a rest at this resort.

Take a tour to Colorado Springs


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Within an hour’s drive from Denver you’ll find a beautiful Colorado Springs city. The destination offers a 10-hour guided tour (for $250) allowing you to see the huge red stones, as well as visit the drinking mineral springs and the Indian Cliff Dwellings Museum. The local cable car will take you to the city’s observation platform overlooking the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Springs itself. Also, you can walk there along the cable bridge suspended over the abyss of the gorge.

Climb to the top of Mount Evans

In the warm season, in the vicinity of Denver, you can enjoy hiking and conquer Mount Evans, which is situated 60 kilometers away from the city and has the height of 4,348 meters. At its top there’s an observation deck with a magnificent view. Having paid $10, you will be able to walk along the asphalt road while admiring the mountain scenery. Keep in mind that you cannot go fast or run, because there may be shortness of breath, dizziness, or even fainting.


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The higher you go, the less oxygen in the air and the level of atmospheric pressure decreases. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes, since it’s much colder on the top of Evans than at its foot. During the trip it’s recommended to make a stop near Echo Lake, where you can go fishing and skiing. Then continue your journey. Not far from the top of the mountain you will see bighorn sheep and goats. And when you’ll get to the observation deck, then take several photos of the mountains, the plain, and Denver skyline.

Go water rafting

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In the western part of Denver you will be offered to go Colorado River Rafting. This breathtaking activity will take 3 hours and cost you $68. First of all, you should hire a boat, a wet suit and waterproof shoes. After that you will be taken to the place of start at 8 o’clock in the morning. Also, you will be accompanied by an instructor, which can help you, if necessary. You have to overcome many river rapids while enjoying the beauty of the landscape. During rafting down the river you will see wild beaches, dark caves, steep cliffs and majestic hills.

Try rock climbing


Due to the fact that Denver is fully surrounded by mountains, climbing is very popular there. In order to start conquering local mountain peaks located in the Rocky Mountains, you need to purchase the necessary equipment in any city sporting goods store. And if you are just going to learn to rock climbing, then at the foot of the famous peaks you will find experienced instructors, which will help you.

However, if you are an experienced climber, then try to conquer Longs Peak Mount with the height of 4,345 meters. It’s located in the western part of the Rocky Mountains and is known for the fact that it’s a difficult peak even for professional climbers.

Visit the Balloon Festival

Hot Air Balloon Practice

If you visit Denver in August, then come to Chatfield State Park, which is located in the suburbs of Denver. A unique and unusually interesting balloon festival is held there. You will see how 70 hot air balloons rise up to the sky. Also, you have an opportunity to become a passenger of one of the balloons and see the Rocky Mountains from a great height. Undoubtedly, Balloon Festival in Denver will give you the most unforgettable impressions.