Industries Transformed by Innovative Technology

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The world is verging on the fourth industrial revolution, and while we live in an era where technology has already transformed our lives for the better, it surely is an exciting prospect what innovative technology is yet to bring. Different industrial sectors have been revolutionized due to the integration of modern technology.

Certain technological advancements have outdated methods and practices widely used in the past. Now the use of technology has brought new ways by which different industry sectors operate. The implications of technology have only resulted in constructive consequences. Human resources are reduced. Efficiency has gone up, and productivity has also increased. Energy is better conserved, and these mind-blowing effects have pushed humankind to continue to innovate and research on what further could be transformed by the introduction of innovative technology.

It is also being hinted that in the coming decades, technology may entirely rule out human effort. With that being said, here are some industries which have been increasingly transformed by the use of technology –

Financial Accounting: The accounting industry is disrupted by one thing which continues to make headlines everywhere around the world: blockchain. The digital and decentralized ledger which stores clear, uninterrupted, unaltered records of transactions. The blockchain is taking recordkeeping on a whole new level by ensuring maximum security and transparency.

Material handling and packaging: Conveyor systems have been around for decades and thanks to their utmost efficiency, they have been popular in manufacturing, material handling, retail, and packaging industries. A good example comes from Montech AG, a Swiss company that specializes in modular components and its conveyor systems are highly used in production lines across different regions. A conventional conveyor system by Montech AG, the TB40, with its modular design and construction can be easily configured to meet your production needs. It’s more user-friendly and efficient than the previous models, as a result of their flexibility and drive unit.  Operation is controlled via a touch panel on the belt conveyor, allowing both standalone operation and parameter-driven control via PLC.  It comes in different belt-types, chassis dimensions, and with a 24 V brushless DC-motor. With a speed of 0.25 to 33.5 meters per minute, the conveyor system is capable of holding up to 200 kilograms of weight.

Publishing: For writers, it has been a struggle to secure book deals with top publishers who publish content in the form of physical books. Now with the introduction of portable reading devices which can program electronic books, conventional publishing methods are soon to become obsolete. Since consumers are more likely to learn information through digital devices, the practice of electronic publishing is becoming the new norm. Amazon Kindle device is a trendy product that is widely used by an array of people around the world.