Is Solar The Future Of Heating And Cooling?

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Some people are predicting that solar energy will be the future of heating and cooling. But will it really? As with any energy topic, there are many factors that go into play; right off the bat, solar heating and cooling isn’t currently as popular as traditional heating and cooling units. However, solar heating and cooling units boast that they can reduce costs of heating and cooling by up to fifty percent, which is quite a significant difference and can end up saving someone a lot of money in the long run.

(Briefly) How It Works

The way these solar heating and cooling systems work is slightly different from the traditional model. They trap heat from the sun, otherwise known as solar radiation, and transfer the heat to water or air to use as thermal energy. There are many different designs in the works right now, but the general idea is that the appliance converts the heat of the sun into heat for the water or air that can be used by people in their homes.


Across the world, a multitude of people is working to make this technology more reliable and available to others across the world. Solar energy (and other renewable energy technologies) has implications to help many people, especially those in low-income homes, where utility bills can take up a large chunk of their paycheck. This might also have the potential to reduce our dependency on foreign imported fuels, decreasing the need to comply with policies and make deals we might not otherwise have made.

Is Solar The Future Of Heating And Cooling?

This could be potentially life changing for many people in the HVAC industry, as we will have to learn, adapt and install different appliances. What’s more, this innovation will help out many people, as well as the environment because space and water heating and cooling account for 69 percent of the energy use in the average household. That means that if your solar unit is heating and cooling your air and your water, you can, again, cut down on your utilities bills by a substantial amount.


However, a massive transfer from traditional heating and cooling over to solar powered heating and cooling will likely take quite a long time, as many people still have their units that work fine, and many people are still purchasing traditional HVAC systems all the time. I think that many people wouldn’t make the switch until they are forced to due to their old units just needing repair or replacement. These new systems will likely be seen in newer homes more frequently than traditional units as builders look to make their new homes more marketable by promoting them as ‘green’ and better for the environment than an older home might be.

Complications & Final Thoughts

This solar movement will also have the potential to create new jobs, as many people are still needed to help develop and grow the industry. However, there will also have to be a lot of switchover from companies that are still creating, selling, repairing, or replacing traditional heating and cooling units. It seems inevitable that solar heating and cooling will become the future, but it might not happen as soon as people think it will, as massive turnovers like that generally take time.

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