Is Wearing Sneakers To Work A Good Idea?

6 mins read

Wondering if you can get away with wearing sneakers to work? Of course, it will all depend on your place of work and there are certain industries where it’s probably an absolute no-no. For bankers, real estate agents and high-flying corporate types, sorry about that, but sneakers probably won’t be a go-to footwear option.

But for many other workplaces, wearing sneakers might just make sense on a whole load of different levels. If you’re in the sort of workplace where you might be on your feet all day then you’ll probably find that wearing sneakers is the most comfortable option.

When it comes to wearing sneakers at work, there are several factors to bear in mind.

Keep them Presentable

Whatever your workplace you’re probably not going to be able to get away with wearing a bright red pair of limited edition Jordans. Simple, more design-neutral shoes are normally the order of the day, especially in customer-facing roles.

You’ll need to check your work policy on shoe color but many popular brands offer simple and plain versions of their shoes. If in doubt, try and keep your choice of work sneakers as close to office casual as possible.

Maximum Comfort

Let’s be honest, if you’re on your feet all day then there is nothing worse than aching feet when you get home. A pair of good sneakers can certainly help take the strain off your poor tootsies and keep your feet feeling like they’re floating on air.

Many sneaker brands offer great levels of comfort with their cushioned soles. Keep in mind, some styles aren’t always presentable, often with bold colors and flashy designs.

If you’re looking for temperature regulating shoes which keep your feet warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot, then take a look at unique materials, such as wool shoes. They’re one of a growing range of wool shoe materials with manufacturers creating unique and attractive shoes designed for all day and all weather comfort.

Easy Clean

One important aspect about sneakers is that they’re normally quite easy to clean. No need to polish, they normally either wipe clean easily or can be machine washed. If you work in hospitality, or anywhere where there might be spillages of food, drink etc, then this might be an important factor for you. Oh, and smelly feet are off-putting no matter what your place of work.

Fabric shoes are easily machine washed and most popular brands of leather shoes can be cleaned relatively easily. The wool shoes mentioned previously are actually a great choice as wool is an easy material to care for, simply put them in a cool wash.

Having clean shoes is an important part of looking the part at work, so whatever shoes you wear, make sure they’re easy to keep presentable.

On Trend

Many offices and workplaces are moving toward a more casual and laid-back approach to attire. This means that you’ll often find people wearing jeans and t-shirts even in relatively corporate environments, especially in technology (thank you Silicon Valley).

What this means for the average office worker is that you need to find the balance between comfortable, presentable and on trend. OK sure, retro and vintage are on trend, but the current fashion leans toward the Vans style skate shoes.

Take a look around your office or workplace, do some foot browsing on your commute and see what inspires you!

Hard Wearing

Of course, wearing your shoes to work means they’ll get a regular workout, so they need to be up to the job. After all, you don’t want your toes poking through after a few weeks do you?

Make sure any shoe you choose for work has a good build quality. You can normally check this by reading online reviews, or if possible taking a look at shoes in the shops. Those canvas shoes might look cool now, but will they stand up to three months of being on your feet in a busy office?

Synthetic materials tend to be the type to wear through quicker, so aim for a natural material. Leather, suede and wool shoes are of course made from durable natural materials, and so are more likely to last longer.

Wearing sneakers to work is a good idea if your workplace policy allows it. Even in the case of strict dress codes, you might be able to find a way to wear sneakers to work if you keep them very presentable.