Keeping Your Vacation Home In Tip-Top Condition

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If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a vacation home it is important that you take certain precautions to keep it the way you want it. This is especially true if you used the unit as a rental to either support its mortgage or to give you extra income. This article is going to give some helpful tips that will allow you to enjoy your home to the utmost every time you use it even if you are not there much. There’s nothing more frustrating than coming to your vacation home to find a problem or issue when all you want to do is relax and enjoy your time there. Let’s figure out some solutions!

Keeping Your Vacation Home In Tip-Top Condition


One simple solution to this quandary is to hire a full-time caretaker for your property. This is generally someone local who can watch after everything for you or can even be a permanent resident at the property. Many homes have separate apartments factored into the construction so that they can provide cheap rent to a local in exchange for them keeping an eye on things. Your guests may also be on better behavior knowing that there is an authority for the property owner around. This might prevent potential haggling and hassling with renters who might have a little too much fun and do damage.

Property Management Company

This is another option for management of your vacation home. Property management companies are usually easy to find in vacation areas and are reliable in most cases. It really depends on the individual company so make sure to do your research on that. What I found is that property management companies tend to cost a little bit more than doing it yourself with a caretaker but it’s often the case with vacation homes that a management company and also handle the rental side of things and client acquisition in exchange for a fee. Many homeowners are fine with that because it gives them more time to do what they like to do while still having the property as an investment and a place to get away.

Local Contractor

If you want somewhat more passive means of property care, then it’s worth contacting a local contractor to form a relationship where they can check on your house and make repairs as necessary if they identify problems. This is especially true for homes located in extreme climates like at the beach or in the mountains where harsh environments can cause excess exterior wear and tear with can lead to costly repairs down the road. This website describes some of the most common signs of roof damage. A local contractor can also act as a handyman to fix any interior issues.

This solution of course does not have any housekeeping included so one could either set up a relationship with a separate housekeeping company or rely on guests to clean up after themselves.

Follow one of the strategies has your vacation time and you will see extremely satisfied with the condition of your property when you arrive. Enjoy your stay!