Know More About Materials Used For Portable Basket Floors

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No matter, whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, basketball is a very easy sport for several people out there as it requires use of simple equipment like a ball, hoop and a hard surface court. However, for a football court mainly portable basketball floors are preferred as flooring option. It is manufactured by making use of different materials such as concrete, rubber sports tiles or asphalt.

Several basketball players compete on courts that are made from hardwood or maple that gives an unobstructed and smooth surface with a consistent bounce. Not every basketball court features similar type of surface. The surface of the court’s area is Dependant largely on the requirements of the specific court and its location along with different types of materials required for outdoor or indoor play.


If you are thinking to choose right type of flooring for the surface of an indoor court, then you can find varied choices offered in the market for the most durable materials in the flooring options. Maple proves the best flooring material for a basket court, as it has exceptional durability and strength. Besides this, the wood grain of this material is very tight and its fibers are very close together, which prevents dust and other dirt granules from residing between the grains. Another best thing about this material is that it requires very less maintenance and offers exceptional durability to the floors. For this reason, this material is considered as an ideal choice for basketball flooring.

 Know More About Materials Used For Portable Basket Floors


Standard asphalt is the most common outdoor basketball court surface. The best thing about this type of material is that it has the required strength and ability to withstand even harsh weather conditions. But the major disadvantage of this material is that it breaks down over a period of time and is prone to chips, cracks and other types of surface imperfections. Apart from this, it can also cause injuries, especially on falls leading to scrapes, cuts or even worse than it.


For basketball court flooring or surfaces different manufacturers manufacture multi-purpose plastic flooring. With this type of floor option, the court construction usually starts with a smooth concrete slab to setup a sturdy foundation which further features a top surface comprising of modular polypropylene squares that are snapped together in any design or shape.

The best thing about this type of flooring material is that it offers exceptional traction, reliable ball bounce with enhanced safety and causes minimal abrasions on falls. It can handle other types of sports namely street hockey, tennis, volleyball and even soccer. If you wish you can even customize it by ordering the floors in multitude hues to match with your stylistic preferences. Besides this, it can also survive outdoor elements and can be even applied indoors.


Some multi-purpose courts even include some of the advanced features that aid playability and responsiveness. For example: several manufacturing companies are producing several advanced flooring solutions that includes flooring comprising of a rubber layer between the polypropylene plastic surface and concrete foundation that has sound dampening and shock absorption feature. Some types of surfaces also features a polyurethane finish on the plastic flooring which further increases moisture resistance and durability.

No matter, which flooring option you opt for just ensure to choose superior floor construction in order to enhance the game performance to a great extent. Thus, to choose desired flooring option approach a reputed and trustworthy supplier who satiates your demand for the best basketball court flooring needs.

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