Kolkata – The City Of Palaces and The City Of Joy

Kolkata – The City Of Palaces and The City Of Joy

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Kolkata, capital of the state of West Bengal, India is one of the largest cities in India. Located on the banks of Hooghly River, it was ruled by the Nawabs under Mughal rule until the influx of British who eventually took full control of the region in 1772. Later, the city also became the nucleus of the movement started for India’s independence. Today the city is filled with numerous structures that were built by them. Amongst them include the oldest operating ports in India. The remnants and old structures are on different stages of decay. However, the most significant ones are very well preserved and many of them have been declared as heritages by government of India. At present, they form imperative parts of places to visit in Kolkata and are visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Fondly called the “City of Joy” for its juvenile, friendly, and happy people throughout the city, Kolkata counts amongst the top tourist destinations in India. It is the most developed city in entire eastern region of India. It has substantial urban population, state of art city infrastructure, numerous shopping malls, multiplexes, classy restaurants, art centres, theaters, pubs, hotels, and many other entertainment and rejuvenation centres. The city is particularly known for its rich culture. It is the nursery of art, literature, dance, music, and theater. There were and are many maestros in different domains of art in India who belonged/belong to this magical city.

Filled with a multitude of interesting and unique tourist attractions there is hardly any dull moment in your tour of the city. Following are three prime places of interest that are included in the itineraries of every tourist visiting the city:

Howrah Bridge – It is one of the most iconic structures in India. Also known as Rabindra Setu as a token of respect to the great poet in Indian history, the bridge is a highly busy bridge. It is about 450 meters long, built over Hooghly River. It is a fine exhibit of engineering techniques of 20th century. A trip of Kolkata is simply incomplete without a visit of the bridge.

Victoria Memorial – It is one of the finest structures dotting the city. Built as a memorial to Queen Victoria after her death the monument is the brain-child of William Emerson, a highly praised architect of that era. It was opened for general public viewing in 1921. Inside the building, there are royal British artifacts, documents of historical significance, lithographs, and paintings of the royal family.

Fort William – Built in 1781, it is one of the well-known colonial structures in India. Named after King William III it is yet another fine example of medieval architecture. Surrounding the fort is the largest urban park of Kolkata. The garden is 1 k.m. in width and 3 k.m. in length. Inside the fort premise there are boxing stadium, church, football ground, telegraph office, cinema, and swimming pool.

Simply book train tickets or flight or bus ticket (if you are at a place near to the city) and get going. Your trip to Kolkata certainly will be a wonderful experience as there are plenty of attractions and allures to keep you occupied.

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