Looking For The Perfect Locker For The Perfect Space?

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A storage locker is the perfect solution for storing away all your insecurities with a lock and a key that is in totally under your possession. At times the school locker suppliers have a voluminous business as they get a really massive order from a school at a time. Apart from them the staff locker suppliers also witness a bulk order. We have people who are too choosy about their products and this has given rise to a diversity in the products that are laid for the customers.

The market out there has millions of things that are created according to the different needs and requirements of the people. When people have to make choices there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration for streamlining the choices. When we talk about storage lockers there is diversity that is floating the markets with the perfect conglomeration of material, sizes, shapes, textures and cost. To make you more focused in your storage locker decision we have elaborated the pros and cons of top 5 mostly used lockers.

Looking For The Perfect Locker For The Perfect Space?

Laminated solutions:

We often see that laminated books survive all the wear and tear that gives it its longevity. This concept can be applied in terms of school lockers too. What if you go for a laminated school locker? Laminated storage lockers work really well if they are placed in spaces such as water parks, gyms, swimming pool areas and many other places where there are chances of water coming in contact with the lockers. It is considered to be stronger and durable than steel, which eventually makes it more expensive than steel. A laminated locker gives a more polished and glamorous look. When we look at the gloomy side of using a laminated storage locker what we do encounter some disadvantages. If the top layer of the lamination is peeled off, it soon loses its importance.

A good wood:

Wood has been man’s best friend since time immemorial. It has been used in things that range from a spoon to a rooftop. When talking about storage lockers, a wooden locker takes away one’s breath through its look. It is one of the easy to maintain pieces of furniture. A wooden locker gives a classic look to the environment. It is comparatively expensive and hence afforded by the rich people. As wood is a bad conductor of heat chances of it being easily flammable is quite high. Apart from this, there are chances of it being damaged when it comes in contact with moisture.

A deal with steel:

Steel lockers have made a prominent place in each and every nook and corner and this quality has made it one of the economically cheapest storage lockers. It is fire resistant and this quality ensures that all your goods and things are safe and protected from the outside dangers. Schools, offices, houses, industries, gym, etc and many such places find the existence of steel lockers. When we talk about the disadvantages the first and foremost is its tendency to rust or corrode when it comes in contact with corrosive objects. Apart from this it is easily prone to scratches and has week doors that need to be given extra attention to maintain its durability.

Enthusiastic about plastic:

Being economically cheap is one of the striking quality of plastic lockers which has gained its popularity over the years. Plastic lockers can be produced placed in areas where there are chances of water particles coming in contact. There is a variety in the locker that fulfills all the needs and requirements of the customers. Talking about disadvantages we encounter that it easily gets dented on being overloaded or when roughly handled. It is comparatively expensive than steel. It remains unaffected by the outside weather or the pollution or the dust particles nor water particles.

A wire mesh:

A wire mesh is one of the easily installed storage systems. It has a low cost and can be easily afforded. It can be used for storing goods and products that require some kind of ventilation and hence proves to be of utmost importance when it comes to being highly ventilated storage locker. As it is made of wire mesh it does not hold any kind of privacy as all the things would be clearly visible.


These different types of storage lockers have a huge contribution in the selection process due to their advantages and disadvantages. It solely depends on the client as to which type of locker would be best for the surroundings. School lockers supplier, staff lockers suppliers, home storage locker suppliers – all have a variety to offer, but the ultimate decision is on the person who makes the final choice for the right type of locker.

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