7 Guidelines To Deck Up Your Metal Lockers With Paint

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A storage locker is one such piece of furniture that takes up space to give space to other things, which otherwise would have created clutter. It equally adds to the decor, maximizes space in home and hence must be kept neat and stylish. The reason either could be to bring about a change or because it has started to rust and is looking much more than its age. The metal locker UK, Canada, Australia and many other parts of the world, come in vibrant colors. But there comes a time when they do need a makeover.

7 Guidelines To Deck Up Your Metal Lockers With Paint

Decking up your metal lockers with paint:

Planning to give a new look to your metal storage locker that is now slowly beginning to rust or show some signs of aging? Well, let me help you out by giving you instructions on how to paint so that you do not end up creating a mess.

1. The first and foremost thing that you need to do before you begin the painting process is to clean the locker that will be painted to glory. Any dust particle on the locker might hamper the painting process and you won’t get a good result. Moreover, it will create lumps of paint if there is any particle on the metal locker.

2. If there is any rust on the locker, scrub it out so as to provide you a smooth surface to coat. A rust can be removed with a steel wool and hence make sure to use them to properly remove the rust.

3. Metals get easily corroded when they come in contact with moisture and hence it becomes necessary to sand and prime them, to prevent the lockers from being corroded. Moreover, there are paints that come with an inbuilt primer. The usage of such paints would reduce the work to a considerable extent.

4. When it comes to painting you have the roller brush and the spray paints and the choice entirely vests upon your convenience. If you are using the spray paints you need to cover the surrounding area with paper or plastic to avoid spoiling the area where the locker is going to be spray painted. Same applies when you are using a roller brush. You need to cover the near by area, but the space that needs to be covered is less as compared to the spray paint technique.

5. A spray paint is the most preferred choice when it comes to painting a metal locker as compared to a roller brush. Spray paints are less tedious in nature and gives a perfect finish, but they are costly in comparison to a roller brush. Contributing to the popularity of spray paints, metal locker UK and many other parts of the world are using this convenient technique to paint the lockers.

6. Open the doors so that they do not get stuck with paints getting to the hinges and the tiny openings, jamming out the ventilation. Be careful in painting the metal lockers and exercise caution when you are opening and closing the doors of the locker.

7. The room where you are painting needs to be properly ventilated so that it gives space and time for the paint to dry. Do not touch the freshly painted locker. Give it a minimum of 24 hours to dry. Behold! Here you are with your freshly painted metal locker shining in all its glory.