Medical Routine Tests That Can Be Ordered Through Mobile Phlebotomy

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There were extreme controlling authorities involved in the process of medical labs in the past. People usually deemed it as impossible to order their lab test without their doctor’s approval or without having their insurance company advocating for the same. Lucky for the people in this decade, there are mobile phlebotomy services available over the counter that help you online lab test orders.

This has resulted in the circumventing of the process which allows people to order their lab test on their own and aiding them to make the full use of their health insurance without having a medical practitioner to be involved in the practice. The process has become as simple as possible requiring the person to go online and order the tests he wants at a fraction of the costs as compared to the costs that were previously associated with these lab tests.

Here is an Account of some of the Perks of Mobile phlebotomy Services

What Makes this Service so Unique?

When you let individuals order lab tests for themselves, they gain the independence of their health and are provided with indiscriminate health data. These blood tests that are accompanied by the mobile phlebotomy services have all kinds of tests provided at one stop. This may range from testosterone blood concentration the levels of thyroid hormones in the blood. This lets the subject undergo any test he wants to learn more about his condition without the intervention of a medical practitioner if that seems unnecessary. This also let them any issues that might come forward when the reports of these tests are chased.

What are some Risks Associated with the Process?

To put in the simplest words, one just cannot cut the wisdom of a doctor. When it comes to reading and interpreting the results on blood tests, the task can become often confusing. This is true for a lot of reasons. The most evident being that there are values that remain in the grey area unless coordinated with the relevant clinical findings, as well as there, are possibilities that attest can be false positive, or a false negative and the clinical co-relation seems to be key in such events.

This is the medical physicians, mostly, have their reservation of these facilities being widely available to the general public and think that it can be more of a hazard than a help to the people. What they actually fear is a wave of overdiagnosis resulting in an unavoidable self-treatment leading to further deterioration in the health of the general public.

Some Tests That Most People Order Online

Lipid Profile

What does this test assess?

Lipid profile combines few ranges of blood cholesterol, both good and bad that are helpful in assessing a patient’s risk that is the morbidity and mortality rate for cardiac and other illnesses. This helps the individual make the necessary dietary changes and avoid the sedentary lifestyle. In case the reports come back extremely deranged, it warrants immediate consultation with medical professional dost adjustments for the certain agents that lower the cholesterol levels in the blood. Few of the types of cholesterol levels that are measured in a lipid profile are LDL, HDL and triglyceride levels.

What are the Requirements for the Test?

The testing is pretty simple requiring a blood sample to be drawn in a vacutainer, and the results usually take from one to two days to come back. The interpretation can be difficult at times and one need to consult the physician if there are any doubts regarding the interpretation of the results.

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