Michael Jace's Wife Found Dead

Michael Jace’s Wife Found Dead

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Performing artist Michael Jace, best known for depicting a Los Angeles cop in the hit TV indicate “The Shield,” was captured early Tuesday on suspicion of lethally shooting his wife, April, in the wake of calling 911 and telling an administrator that he shot her, police said.

Jace, 51, was captured something like 3 a.m., as per Los Angeles police Detective Lyman Doster. He was busy into prison on suspicion of homicide with safeguard set at $1 million.

Los Angeles police Detective Dean Vinluan told the Associated Press that a printout of the episode history demonstrated that Jace called 911 and told the administrator that he shot his wife.

Michael Jace's Wife Found Dead

The assortment of April Jace, 40, was found after 8:30 p.m. Monday with various discharge wounds to the upper body in a corridor at the couple’s home in the 5400 piece of Brynhurst Avenue.

Neighbors reported listening to belligerence hailing from thehome minutes before gunfire, police said. The house is in Hyde Park, about 10 miles southwest of downtown LA.

Police said the couple’s two youngsters – both under age 10 – were in the home at the time. They were with relatives, police said.

“It’s a lamenting procedure for both kids,” Labarbera said. “They’re without their mother and their father is in prison for the homicide of their mother.”