Most Important SEO Factors that are Often Ignored

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Your business visibility on the internet depends on the SEO strategies you opt for.The recent updates of Google have made obsolete to many old SEO tactics and diverted the attention of SEO experts to the things which they were ignoring or considering useless. Many SEO companies in Dubai have started using local SEO tactics in their marketing strategy for local businesses while image optimization factor has also proven its mettle. Here in the article we will bring in the lime light some important factors that SEO experts often ignore, but these factors cast tremendous impact on the internet marketing.

Page Load Speed

Page load speed is an important as well as the most ignored SEO factor.Low speed of website is like diverting your customers to your competitive ‘websites and loss of potential customers. Only one second delay can decrease your conversions up to 7% while it increases the chances of getting negative reviews up to 16%. Comprehending the need of page load speed, Google considers it an essential part of SEO and rank those websites higher which have high speed.


  • Configure HTTP compression
  • Decrease redirects and increase page speed
  • Never use heavy images for designing
  • Prefer CSS rather using images
  • GooglePage Speed Tools installation improve page speed

Social Sharing Option

Life seems incomplete without social media. It has become one of the best marketing channels where people search their queries. Social media sharing option on the website lets the user share information on his account and your product gets promotion in this manner. According to search reports, Facebook entertains one billion queries daily while the record of YouTube and Twitter is 19 billion and 3.7 billion per month respectively.


  • Engage your social media audience by creating social media pages
  • Add social media sharing option on your website
  • Increase your social media marketing by using social media plugins, i.e. WP Social Sharing and SumoMe

Image Optimization

Algorithms of Google and Bing estimate the time of page loading speed and use it for page ranking.  No image optimization resulted in the low ranking of travel websites and SEO companies in Dubai faced the issue a lot. Most noteworthy, heavy images decrease your traffic and revenue.


  • Use clear, non-pixilated, and vibrant images
  • Add Alt Text in your image
  • Covert Gif images format in JPEG before loading
  • Use image compression tools for decreasing the size of images

Pay Attention to Local SEO

Google introduced its local search algorithm in 2016. The algorithm encourages the use of local SEO and ranks such websites higher. The purpose of the algorithm is to improve Google search results for its users and to provide the best solutions as a result of their problems. The algorithm categorizes local search as relevance, distance, and prominence and show results on the basis of these three factors. Most of all, four out of five persons browse to get local business information while the purchase rate is more than 30%.


  • Add complete address of your company and exact location
  • Include phone number, email id, and Google map in the website
  • Optimize Google My Business Page to get more online visibility


Readability is another most ignored SEO factor that impacts on the overall SEO. Readability is related to the content you have added in the website. Probably, it determines the number of readers for your website because it’s a measure that how much your content is ready to read and perceive. Readability and the targeted audience are directly related to each other. The use of high level language decreases the readability because the content becomes readable for less people.


  • Use easy words and avoid tough English
  • Write simple and easy
  • Use short paragraphs and avoid passive voice sentences
  • Add transition words and use less syllable words
  • Use sub headings, bullet points, and small paragraphs

The above-mentioned tips are easy to adopt and garner maximum revenue. These outstanding SEO factors have shown excellent results for SEO companies in Dubai which were facing issues regarding thelow traffic. Therefore, modify your strategies today as much as you can so you generate more revenue tomorrow.

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Warda Khan, an experienced SEO and digital marketing expert. She is offering her valuable services with Expo Business Zone and helping many businessmen in accomplishing their business goals with SEO, Local SE, ORM, SMM, SMO, Web designing and development services.