Blue Lagoon In Iceland: Health and Relaxation

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The world popular feature of Iceland is thermal SPA. As a matter of fact, tectonic specific makes Iceland special, unusual, mysterious territory. The island has great advantageous and attractions for tourists. The first day you come to Reykjavik you should know one thing: locals do not use heating water to space heating. You can use hot water for your shower or kitchen straight from the natural geothermal sources. It is said that this is the main secret about why natives look young and feel great.

Tourists have their own interests in Iceland. They also wish to feel the magic effect of natural thermal water. It is used in cosmetology and medicine. You can also find a wild thermal source, driving the country from side to side. It is a good idea to hire a car in Reykjavik and go to find interesting new or old places. Anyway, there is always a choice!

Blue Lagoon Hot Spring

Public Swimming Pool

Almost all big or small public swimming pools in Iceland contain Jacuzzi – thermal sources. You can find proper temperature according to your taste. This is a chance to combine pleasant relax and sport activities. For example, Laugardalur Valley boasts with the biggest warm pool in Reykjavik and beautiful botanic garden.

Public Thermal Sources

You can visit them for free or for minimum price. This is a really public place that attracts tourists’ attention. It is always overcrowded here. The brightest thermal source of this kind is Nautholsvik Thermal Beach. This is a place of amazing view and possibility to feel the difference between warm thermal water and cold ocean water.


SPA resorts are lux class leisure for tourists. Of course, the most popular of them is Blue Lagoon. It is placed in Reykjanes Island – South Western part of Iceland, not far from Reykjavik. This place is really impressive. You can relax in the warm pleasant water under the stars. The sunny landscape is also impressive. The average water temperature is +37 °С. The water is rich in minerals, salts, blue and green water plants. Besides, you can try a unique capacity of white clay.

Blue Lagoon Relaxation Room

Blue Lagoon Thermal SPA

The waters of popular lagoon have really deep blue color. It is almost the same color as the sky is. This famous natural creation is situated not far from Reykjavik. What is lagoon popular of? This is a unique geothermal swimming pool. The sky-blue lagoon is a real symbol of Northern country and the best visiting Scandinavian resort.

Working Hours

The resort is situated 40 minutes driving from the center of Reykjavik and 20 minutes driving from the city airport. Blue Lagoon welcomes visitors every day, every year. The working hours are: from June till August – 9 a.m.-9 p.m., from September till May – 10 a.m.-8 p.m.


The price for ticket is 50 EUR. The visitors are also offered to rent a towel. You can save your money by taking towels from home.

Lagoon’s History

The island consists of slags. This material is so porous and soft that water filters its way through the lava surface, making pools with hot and warm water. The temperature of water can be about +240 °C. What is more, the water has unique antibacterial qualities. The biggest geothermal territory is situated in the region of Svartsenga. Blue lagoon’s history started in 1976, when the first geothermal station was built. The station used hot geothermal water from the source for the good of the people. That was time, when the unique lagoon appeared. The resort was opened in 1999.

Blue Lagoon

Svartsenga was the first in the world geothermal station, using hot water for producing energy. The station is still alive. As a matter of fact, the natural forces provide competent support to give warmth and electricity to Reykjavik. It is said that no one, but Iceland engineer firstly opened the unique qualities of Blue Lagoon’s water. It was by a chance. He suddenly noticed that his old disease disappeared. It was great!

Lagoons Medicinal Magic

The water temperature is about +37°…+40 °C. It does not really matter what the season it is. Of course, the water temperature can be little lower when the weather is cold or windy. The water in the pool is salty, about 2,5 %. The hydrogen index is 7,5. The lagoon is 1,5-2 meters deep, 200 meters wide and more than 2 kilometers long.

The water has unique combination and content. Minerals and salts are useful for our organism. The lagoon’s water contains quartz crystals, silicium, blue and green sea plants. The water color is hot question. Many people affirm that silicium crystals make water blue. The others think that the water is almost white. Therapeutic muds make your skin clean and healthy. Sea plants make your skin rich and soft. The lagoon’s bottom is soft and white, made of white clay. It is also useful for your organism.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

TOP 5 Things that You MUST DO in Blue Lagoon

The first and foremost, you have to take a bath! Try to have a bath in the evening. This is your chance to watch the North lights from the bath.

Never forget to walk over the volcanic lava. It is really exciting.

Never forget to make your face and hands with white clay and take interesting pictures. Feel yourself like wild crazy man!

Never forget to buy a unique cosmetic line of Blue Lagoon Skin Care. This is a good present!

Never forget to feed the cute ducks. They like swimming in the warm water.


SPA complex is a place for your relaxation. There are many restaurants, cafes, resting zones. SPA resort is very popular. More than 300 000 of tourists come to visit this place every year. The territory is crossed with big and small bridges to go whenever you want. Never forget to see the waterfalls.

Thermal sources are just one interesting feature of Iceland. They can make your healthy or make your journey interesting. Never forget to learn how they work! The result is coming!