Movie and TV Series Sets to Take an Inspiration from for Your Home Interior

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Who does not love movies or TV series? Not a soul, for sure, because we all just love a good movie, especially if it is thought-provoking and heart-wrenching one. But while the directors and actors will get their deserved accolades, we often miss the interior designs of the film set.

Yes, if you talk about home interior inspiration, there is no better place to look than in the world of motion picture and TV series. For a movie enthusiast like yourself, you must start to appreciate, celebrate, and take inspiration from a good set design.

Here is a list of interior wonders from your favorite movie and tv series that you can try in your home interior design.

Annie Hall, 1977

Many said that the movie Annie Hall had changed the rules of romantic comedy. It is a great movie, which made Woody Allen get his first two Oscars (for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director). But it is also a movie which homeowners and designers alike can take some cues for their home interior design.

In the movie, Annie Hall’s place was an apartment where young fashion newbies dreamt of taking refuge. It has an attractive rooftop garden that movie watchers, in one way or another, envy.

When Annie Hall was not in her place, she loved to go to the place of her boyfriend Alvy Singer’s, played by Woody Allen. Alvy Singer’s home has a loft space where an equally enviable airy, open area design is excellent to behold.

Mad Men, 2007-2015

There are plenty of interior details that you can take note of from the popular TV series, Mad Men. If you have noticed its sultry vibe, it is because of the lighting that made it impressive along with cigarette smoke in every scene.

You can pull off that mood by mixing lighting fixtures like wall sconces, side table lamps, and task lighting. There was also the muted color palette of the set, but now and then you will notice pops of color in the prints on the wall.

There you got the rule if you want to have your home interior design as that from Mad Men. You should have a lively accent piece or two on the design of your interior.

Sex and the City, 1998-2004

The interior design details from the TV series Sex and the City have been widely discussed over the past few years. Take for instance Carrie’s apartment.

Carrie’s apartment has the vibe as of that a flea market. There is the weathered paint, lived-in fabrics, and a good mix-matching of styles of its tables and chairs. You can also see the two main features of the living room: a circular coffee table and an Aidan chair.

A Bigger Splash, 2016

The movie, A Bigger Splash, was filmed on the beautiful, remote island off the south-west coast of Sicily. The eccentric kitchen area, the white-washed walls, and the beautiful mess of the bedroom create an avant-garde feel that makes for a unique interior.

Her, 2013

The set design made by KK Barrett and its decoration by Gene Serdena for the futuristic movie, Her, saw the pair nominated for the Oscar. The colored plexiglass that the pair utilized to create for the room its saturated light is just remarkable.

The polished floor that reflects light from the high-rise buildings outside and the artwork are just some of the elements that made the film exceptional. If you want the interior of your home looks futuristic, you can take some cues from this movie.

Penelope, 2006

Penelope is a modern fairy-tale movie about self-acceptance. It stars a pig-snouted Christina Ricci and James McAvoy with a shaggy hair. Aside from the lovely story, the film has been the talk among movie aficionados because of its brilliant sets.

Take for instance Penelope’s simple yet fantastic bedroom. Her bedroom captures perfectly her personality. It has cheerful shades of red, purple, and green, that fades when Penelope has outgrown her childhood fantasies. The lighting also gives a moody feeling.

The caged birds and the terrariums is an excellent metaphor for Penelope’s locked-up existence, but these things make for great designs in the living room. There are the side tables that hold Penelope’s collection of terrariums.


There are many sources of inspiration for home interior design ideas, and one of these sources is from films and TV series.

The good thing about movie and TV series settings is that they are unique in style. You can take some cues from the films above for your home interior, and do not forget the all-important furniture. You can look for high-quality furniture on Black Mango.