Natalac Reveals What Producers Are Looking For In Artists

Natalac Reveals What Producers Are Looking For In Artists

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Let’s be honest. Everyone has ever dreamed of recording music in a professional studio, selling many records, going on tour, having sponsorships, marketing our compositions, etc.

We think that the dream of every musician/composer is to be able to integrate into the music industry and stand out within the artistic field. However, today we live in a digital age in which we have many advantages but for the same reason, many disadvantages when it comes to wanting to enter the music business.

One of the ways that new artists have to achieve a musical career is through a record company, but before mentioning what record companies are looking for in emerging artists, we must know what a record company is.

What is a Record Company?

Label-1A record company, or commonly known as a record label, is a company that is dedicated to making musical recordings of artists, and then moving on to the distribution and marketing of records.

Likewise, it is responsible for providing what is necessary for the production of video clips, radio promotion, concerts, etc.

As mentioned earlier, we live in a digital age. This has led to the music business being totally transformed.

The sale of records has decreased greatly, and now the labels have changed their business model, as they now make a profit not only from the sale of records but also from the direct earnings of the artist (concert sales, sponsorships, advertising, etc.).

That is why there are now new companies, transforming the traditional label into artistic management agencies and entertainment companies that carry this “360” business model, constantly looking for emerging artists.

Natalac aka Sheldon Davis has his own record label company called the Natalac Records. The company specializes in licensing and production of music and is always on the look for talented artists in America. As a matter of fact, the company launched its founder, Natalac’s own rapping career, which is on its way to achieving good numbers on streaming platforms.

What is a record company looking for in emerging artists?


Mainly, what a record label is looking for in an emerging artist is musical talent. Whether it is a band or a solo singer/songwriter, it is in the interests of a company to have talented artists in their repertoire who can deliver good quality music and concerts that people really want to pay to attend.

So, let’s rehearse! Hone your musical skills, spend some time each day improving on your instrument.

Good Music

This point has a lot to do with perspective, because while my favorite music maybe rock, another person may dislike it, but here I explain it to my experience.A record company is looking for music that really comes from the heart of the edges. It may be merely subjective, but I think it is difficult to find another definition.

Many artists try to make commercial or very plastic music (meaningless lyrics, elaborate chords, very common structures, etc.) have been rejected by record labels, because since you listen to a song you know if it was made with the intention only of ” paste.”

Social Networks

You have to accept it. A record label no longer has the same economic power as before. It is because of this that they need to reduce the risk of failing to choose an emerging artist to sign within their repertoire. In previous years, emerging artists would simply send in their “demos” (songs recorded at home), and record labels would sign them.

Now the labels are looking for tangible results, that is, numbers on social networks. Yes, you read correctly, the record companies will pay close attention to the number of likes on your Facebook page and your publications, the visits and listeners that your videos and music have on platforms, and the number of followers on your Twitter account. And Instagram.

In other words, they want artists who already have an audience that can expand and develop further.

Business Opportunity

You have to remember that the main goal of a company will always be to make money. That is why record companies are constantly searching for talent that they consider has an exploitable market. A label will look for artists with original musical/image concepts that really catch the eye.

In other words, a record label is looking for emerging artists who can sell.

NOTE, this does not mean that you have to make your music purely plastic or commercial. There are many clear examples of organic and “non-commercial” music that has had a resounding success in the music industry.

Take good care of the message you want to convey, the image you project to your audience, and the quality of your music.

After all this, it is important to ask ourselves the following.