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Native Arizona Plants For Your Yard

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Whether you own or rent your home, you want the exterior to be a pleasant one. After all, first impressions are important, and you want your neighbors and visitors to have the best perception of you that you can exude. Foliage has long been used to beautify the outdoors, and, by installing plants that are native to Arizona and possess aesthetic quality, you can have a low-maintenance way to truly showcase your home and show how unique you are.

Agave Palmeri

A great way to beautify your home from spring through fall is to consider planting several Agave palmeri plants. These plants are the perfect accessory to any flower garden as they feature beautiful blue-green leaves. Best of all, they grow wonderfully in full sun exposure, so you don’t have to worry about them withering away. Not to mention, they survive well even in drought conditions. When planting, use caution as do have sharp edges.

Argemone Pleiacantha

Also known as the Mexican poppy, the Argemone pleiacantha is another addition you should certainly consider. With the option of yellow, white, or red, you can enjoy their vibrant colors continuously. From late summer until early fall, you will enjoy their beautiful fragrance. Since the olfactory sense is the strongest, this will likely leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits you.

Native Arizona Plants For Your Yard

Commelina Dianthifolia

To add an essence of true individuality to your garden of Arizona foliage, the Commelina dianthifolia is a rare and gorgeous plant you will want to consider. They feature a vibrant blue hue and fare well in a variety of settings. Among the environments they thrive in include:

  • Borders
  • Rock gardens
  • Containers

Ferocactus Wislizeni

What would be Arizona without cacti. Aside from flowers and accessories, to truly localize the foliage in your yard, considering adding Ferocactus wislizeni is a great way to add the very essence of Arizona into your mix. Unlike a typical cactus, however, there is a unique feature of this plant. It develops a flower at its tip, and this appears in an orange hue during the summer months. When displayed with your other plants, this will display a sense of pride for Arizona.

Purshia Stansburiana

To top off your yard, consider planting Purshia stansburiana. No aesthetic garden is complete without shrubbery, and this plant is the very breath of the state of Arizona. About six feet tall, it almost resembles a tree, and this plant can be planted very eloquently around the perimeter of the rest of the foliage in your garden. You can enjoy many months of beauty as the Purshia stansburiana blooms from spring all the way to the first frost of the year. The plant even possesses a unique quality that will help substantially in its maintenance. It actually thrives better during times of drought.

A Yard You Can Take Pride In

Arizona is a state with a unique climate. As a result, there is a select group of foliage that is able to thrive. If you are considering enhancing your yard with minimal effort, these plants are all native to the state, and they will thrive well while providing you with a sense of pride you will enjoy for many years to come.

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