The Amazing World Of Found Object Art

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Have you longed to travel the world and see the famous works of Da Vinci, Dali, and Picasso? Do you appreciate the way artwork can give personality and meaning to an otherwise dull room? Have you longed to get in touch with your creative side and construct a canvas of your very own? If you said yes to these three questions, you may be interested in joining the amazing world of Found Object Art! Here are four fab tips to help you turn your trash into potential treasures!

1. Get Inspired!

Found Object Art has been embraced and shared by many artists around the world. It has become a popular form of art and expression as the tools for creation are readily available with a little imagination. Many artists are even turning their pieces into profit as their followers find it easy to connect with the small details of everyday life that make their way into the display. To get some inspiration for your own pieces, check out a few artists online first! Here are a few links to get you started (and inspired!)

The Modern Art Club- Colin JohnsonPintrest- Found Object ArtFamous Paintings from FoundObjects

2. Look around!

With spring around the corner, why not start that dreaded Spring Clean with a positive spin this year? Aim to empty drawers, closets, the garage, and even garden shed with the intention of making your home less cluttered while collecting potential supplies for your first project. Anything from buttons to bike wheels haspotential. Found Object Art focuses on just that, taking discarded items and repurposing them with a creative and artistic touch. Envision collages, statues, or wearable art such as jewelry! Whatever you come across, can make for great art!

The Amazing World Of Found Object Art

3. Shop the Sales—Garage Sales that is!

After scouring your rooms for rubbish, why not check out other people’s? Garage sales can be great places to pick up unique pieces at low prices! Old dining room chairs can be refinished and repurposed to become anything from planters to chandeliers! Old coins or any trash bins or any children’s toys give way to complex collages. Find aged items that may be from before your time that would add a vintage vibe to shabby chic art, or look for popular collectibles like Coca-Cola products that may give your found art buyer’s appeal!

4. Be Creative and have fun!

Once you have collected some odds and ends to get started, begin creating art for arts’ sake! Take chances and explore with different colours, mediums, and dimensions. Art should be approached with an open mind and creative soul. Whatever you can envision, you can create. Start by simple experimentation to see what you may be good at, and then see if you can create pieces that fill a niche for different areas of the house! Create colourful frames for photographs to brighten up dark rooms, or build a bench for the garden from different reclaimed items adding personal touches for your guests to enjoy! Happy hunting and have fun!

Jullian Fernandez is a home maker who used to experiment new styles in her home. She used to write blogs and articles during leisure time. She lover her family alot and like to spend most of her time with them.