New Filmmakers and Professional Equipment

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If you’re a budding filmmaker who wants to create masterpieces like your favorite directors, you’re probably beginning to add professional equipment to your film ensemble. Whether you’re in film school or are just figuring things out on your own, having the right equipment is paramount. One of the most interesting technological breakthroughs of recent years is the Silent Cat camera slider. Making it easy to move, switch, pan, and otherwise make great films, this little gadget is a godsend for filmmakers, camera operators, and everyone in the film industry from novice to pro. If you haven’t invested in one yet, you may be wondering what benefits a quiet camera slider can offer.

New Filmmakers and Professional Equipment

One of the first things a slider provides is rack focus. The single axis movement of the slider allows you to use focus without pushing forward. The slider also gives you a lot of foreground. Now, if you’re trying to minimize foreground in a certain shot, you can easily switch out lenses (perhaps add a 36mm) to minimize this type of brightness.

You also have a bit of leeway when it comes to adjusting your fluid drag. This is something you may need to practice before you’re out on a paid set. A camera slider rental is perhaps a good idea if you need to get a feel for the equipment before you buy. Sliders also have a sensitivity knob, allowing you to control the amount of resistance used as you move the slider back and forth.

Trying a slider is an excellent choice if you’re looking to up your filmmaking game, or if you’re a professional on a paid set. You’ll easily see your quality of shots improve once you’re used to using the device.