Nimble vs. Salesmate – What Is The Best CRM Tool For Small Businesses

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CRM software is an intuitive system that allows you to nurture your relationship with the customers to promote business sustainability. It enables you to accumulate a host of insights about your prospects and clients on a single platform that helps you to make better decisions about your company. It also encourages you to personalize your interactions and provide exceptional customer care services.

Consequently, the CRM sector has witnessed a phenomenal increase in demands and is predicted to reach US$ 48.4 billion by the year 2020.

Moreover, even the small businesses are adopting the CRM software to drive up their sales and increase revenue generation. According to statistics, 91% of the companies that have more than 11 employees use the system to meet their sales quotas.

However, it is not always easy to choose a CRM software that is most compatible for your business needs. Following is a list of comparisons of the most prominent features of two innovative systems, Salesmate and Nimble, which will assist you in opting for the best CRM solution for your small business:

Contact management

CRM systems organize the entire customer data in a centralized location. The comprehensive, real-time information about clients includes the contact details, previous interactions, buying habits, purchase history, devices used, etc. Consequently, you can conveniently tap into the valuable data for swift business transactions.

Salesmate’s intelligent algorithm offers advanced organizational and contact management capabilities. It not only saves the most relevant yet obvious data about every customer such as contact details but also integrates every communication your sales reps had with the client. This allows you to leverage visibility and determine the position of every leads and customer in the sales pipeline. Subsequently, you can be proactive in your actions by scheduling tasks and meetings to close the deal.

Alternatively, Nimble is a social CRM that accumulates customer data from social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google+ and so on. The richly detailed information gives a deeper insight about your consumers, which helps you to bolster social media relationships for better sales and profitable campaigns. Moreover, it helps you find leads most interested in your niche by assessing the user engagements and interactions on social channels.

Enhanced reporting capabilities

One of the highlighting features of a CRM system is its ability to consolidate data in a way that allows the users to detect patterns, behaviors, and market insights.  You can use these reports for predictive analysis and leverage the market trends to attract more leads. Moreover, you can track your performance and gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns using the system.

Salesmate incorporates various reporting features that allow you to determine the success rate of your cumbersome sales activities. With the Email Template Usage Analytics, you can conclude the efficiency of an email campaign and understand the customers’ preferences based on the open rate of emails with particular templates. As a small business owner, you may have limited resources and time. These insights can help you dedicate your efforts towards promising campaigns that yield results.  

On the other hand, the activity insight reporting tool allows you to evaluate the performance of your employees. You can use the tool to keep track of the time taken by each sales rep to complete a task such as wrapping up a sales call or a meeting with positive results.

Nimble offers similar email tracking abilities that help you to determine the engagement rate of your email marketing efforts. It analyzes the customers’ reactions to your email contents and subject lines, in addition to the click-through rate.

You can use the system’s sales intelligence to determine the revenue generating activities and impart more focus on them. You can evaluate your team’s performance history as well as projected revenue generation to prioritize the activities that require immediate attention.

Ease of customization

Every organization has its own set of priorities and activities. For example, the layout of a CRM for real estate agents will differ from that for an employee of the healthcare industry. Therefore, the most competent CRM software is easily adaptable to its users’ requirements. Personalization also offers rooms for growth, especially for small businesses.
Salesmate has an interactive and customizable user interface. You can personalize the entire outlook of the system by managing columns, choosing layouts, and tailoring deal stages according to your job description and workflow. A well-organized, personalized system supplements your performance, especially when dealing with numerous customers simultaneously.
Nimble also promotes a certain degree of customization. It offers custom tabs and fields that result in an integrated display with the most relevant customer information on the forefront. In addition, you can expedite your sales activities by organizing the essential information regarding transactions in an orderly manner.

Leads and task management

As a small business owner, your workforce may comprise a limited number of individuals. The sheer brilliance of CRM systems allows them to automate the mundane tasks, so you and your team can focus on converting more leads and closing more deals. With the CRM tool, you can assign tasks automatically to your sales reps and receive real-time updates about the most critical actions that require implementation.
With Salesmate’s advanced notification feature, you can ensure you are nurturing every lead and engaging every client. The software prompts you to interact with a prospect or consumer who has not been approached in a while, to maintain and promote customer loyalty.
Also, you can use the workflow management to auto-generate welcome emails to the new contacts added to the database. The system can also schedule succeeding actions and assign them to your sales reps for enhanced productivity. With the 360-degree view of the sales pipeline, you can keep an eye on all the prospects in the sales pipeline.
Nimble offers Stay in Touch Reminders, to keep your clients within the engagement loop, and Mark as Important stars to highlight the significant communications. Moreover, the software automatically fills the entire contact record after you have provided a name and an email. This saves a lot of time otherwise spent on tedious data entry. It also prompts you about the customers’ shared interest with your business so that you can analyze the importance and relevance of the client.


To choose software that best suit your business needs, you need to outline your objectives and long-term goals. Salesmate and Nimble both offer innovative features. However, Nimble is primarily a social sales CRM that focuses on managing an established customer base. On the other hand, Salesmate can supplement your small business by offering advanced automation. You can also use the WordPress CRM plugin to your business website, and directly import and export important clients’ details.