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Business 101 – Sure-fire Ways To Make Your First Trade Show A Big Hit

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Trade shows play a crucial role in promoting a business and when it comes to the first trade show, it becomes all the more important to make it successful. That’s because you are going to face your competitors and investigate the market up close. Trade shows not only help you meet your potential clients but also help build a good relationship with customers.

So how can you make your first trade show a big hit? Well, its success hugely depends on how you prepare for it. To help you with your preparation for your first trade show ever, we have compiled some essential tips.

Read along to know what these are…


1. Prepare a team

Running a trade show all alone is not a good idea. So make a team and divide all the duties among the members evenly. This way, you will be relaxed and prepared at the exhibition and will be greeting your potential clients with more enthusiasm and positivity.

Moreover, your team will help you attend to more customers and get more information which is one of the main reasons behind attending a trade show.

2. Set a dress code for your team

No doubt you will be given a name tag by the organisers but uniting your team in a dress code will help them stand out from others. It will certainly add a sense of professionalism and a bit of flair and people will surely take a note of that. So think of a comfortable dress code for your team in which they can represent themselves to potential clients.

3. Market your products

The first impression is the last impression. So make sure you are using your products and services to impress your potential clients in those few crucial seconds that will either make or break the deal. It’s not always necessary that every passerby stops by your booth. So plan smartly and catch the attention of as many people as possible.

4. Keep your budget in mind

Attending a trade show can be an expensive affair and can put your numbers in the negative if you haven’t planned it properly.  So before being a part of it, decide on a budget. Estimate the number of visitors and leads generated at the show. Also, consider the cost per lead that you’ll have to bear. This will help you set a budget for the event and save you from breaking your bank.

5. Create a buzz on social media

Of course, a press release just before the trade show will help you promote yourself online. But you don’t need to wait until the last moment. Declare the event on social media once you are certain that you’ll be a part of it. It will not only create an online buzz but also encourage people to attend the event and visit your booth.

6. Arrive early

As it is a grand show and your competitors are already there, your being late can cost you valuable potential clients. Moreover, you would not like to spend 20 minutes just to find an empty parking lot.

So always ask your team to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before the event starts so that they can set up the table well before it gets crowded. The faster you get at the venue, the more time you will get to prepare for the show.

7. Have backup

So you are prepared with your laptops, tablets and mobiles. But what if your laptop falls and stops working? Well, that can happen sometimes which is why you should have backup. That way, you won’t feel helpless in case your laptop or smartphone doesn’t work. Have pen drives and other electronic devices so that everything goes smoothly on the big day.

Ensure that all the essentials that you will need are stored well. So get some tote boxes today to ensure that the sample products along with other things are stowed away safely.

Ensure that your team welcomes potential clients with a smile on their faces. Their enthusiasm should be contagious and we guarantee that this will bring in more people to your booth.

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