Oculus Movie Review

Oculus Movie Review

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Tragedy strikes the Russell family unit after the folks succumb to puzzling passings. Their young child is indicted their homicides while the little girl accuses a had reflect in the house for the killings. Spooky by the previous, 11 years after the fact, the kin choose to interpret the secret.


To start with, Oculus looks somewhat like 2008 frightfulness film Mirrors. It is beyond question a standout amongst the most astutely executed mental ghastliness movies that puts you through heck without turning to gut. The non-straight account structure sees the past covering with present, genuine with stunning, realities with mind flights and truth with trickery as kin Kaylie (Karen Gillan) and Tim (Brenton Thwaites), now in their 20s, attempt to determination the recondite passings in the crew. The two track down the mirror and put it under perception, hence surrendering themselves to their frightening past at the end of the day.

Oculus Movie Review

Movie producer Mike Flanagan ought to be praised for thinking of an offbeat, unique preface that offers substantially more than the standard startles or worn out back-stories. No done-to-death traps are utilized, in the same way as entryways opening themselves or a sound of strides when no one is around. It’s the trepidation of the obscure that grasps you and makes a feeling of regularly expanding fear all around. Set in diverse time periods, with the past impacting present, the film plays fiendishness psyche recreations that will make you reconsider before rejecting events as ‘mind flights’. The abnormal occasions will provoke you to address your rational soundness, much the same as the characters.

In the event that you discover mirrors spooky, stay away. Also in the event that you love to take a look at yourself out in the mirror, this low-plan thriller will constrain you to think generally.