Organising An Anniversary

Organising An Anniversary

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In the early days, anniversaries are easy to celebrate. The relationship or wedding is still so novel that every day is close to a celebration anyway. It’s only later in a relationship, when the obvious options have been used up and you need to really exert yourself to make an evening that you start to experience Anniversary Stress. It gets even worse when you reach really significant numbers! For a fiftieth or sixtieth wedding anniversary people expect the sort of celebration that also functions as a family reunion. Though if you’re lucky there’ll be a next generation who can take of the logistics for you by then.

Today we’re taking a look at planning an anniversary that both you and your partner can enjoy!


If you’re not going for a big celebration you need to look into intimidate experiences that you and your partner can celebrate together – perhaps with close friends or family.

Dining out is a familiar way to celebrate and treat your loved ones. For a significant anniversary you’ll need to go one better, especially if you want to toast each other in a less chaotic, public setting than a popular restaurant.

It’s time to look into some of the best private dining London has to offer! A private dining room means a quiet, intimate celebration that won’t be drowned out by competing conversations and will be discretely served by waiters who aren’t trying to split their attention between an entire restaurant bustling with other diners. It’s the personal attention that really makes a celebration like this.

The Big Celebration

If you’re celebrating a big milestone you might want to organise a big event – a cross between a wedding reception and a family reunion. And why not? It’s well worth making a big song and dance about fifty years of marriage!

You’ll need a suitable venue: if you try to hold an anniversary celebration in your own home you’ll be worried about breakages, spillages and tidying up the following day. A nice touch is to look back at places you used to frequent when your relationship was in its early days – hiring out the function of the pub you first met in makes the venue personal and very appropriate to the occasion. As your friends and family assemble you can reminisce about how you and your partner met and sit back to allow your friends and family to celebrate your romantic achievement!