Peek Into The History Of Arsenal Football Club

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Arsenal is one of the oldest football clubs with one of the biggest fan following. While you may be an Arsenal fan, you may not know some interesting facts about the history of this famous premier league club. This post will take you down the history lane of the club along with some interesting Arsenal News that shaped the club.

Starting a football club is certainly no easy task, and if you are planning to start one now, you should surely talk to the workers who saw a dream and made it come true all the way back in 1886. Being a team of ten, Arsenal when it was first called the Dial Square, had to play a whole lot of junior competitions for seven years before they got the shot to get into the league in the second division. Indeed, the entire journey started off in a field, and it was nowhere close to being done yet.

Second Division and the War

Having borrowed kits, in the beginning, to help them sustain, the team changed their name to the Royal Arsenal as they thought that it was more fitting. While they officially started playing the second division, the next twenty years did not see something extremely mind boggling from Arsenal. They always ended up in the middle of the table and with their debts worsening, they had to make sure that they jumped to First Division or disband entirely.


However, with the World War One chaos throwing everything else into confusion, the league was suspended for five years, and when it finally reformed again, Arsenal had a horrible debt to take care of. Chairman Henry Norris convinced the members and the managers of the First Division to let Arsenal be a part of them, and since then, they have always played First Division.

The Golden Period

In 1925, Herbert Chapman took charge of the team as their Manager and in 1927, Arsenal managed to reach the FA Final for the first time but lost to Cardiff City 1-0. However, the came back to Wembley in 1930 and beat Huddersfield 2-0 and managed to win the Cup for the first time.

After this, the team had a string of wins throughout the years with Arsenal winning the league title in 1931, 1933, 1934, 1935 and 1938. Around this time, they also managed to nab the FA Cup in 1936. Although their beloved coach Chapman died in 1934, they carried on his legacy. Chapman was replaced by George Allison. His time was short and uneventful because World War Two interrupted and when the league reformed he resigned as Manager.

Tom Whittaker replaced him, and they continued to win the First Division in 1948 and 193 and took the FA Cup home again in 1950. However, after Tom’s death, the team declined only to come back in 1970 by winning the European Fairs Cup.

Close but never enough

Despite a string of extremely good managers, Arsenal managed to reach the finals of various Cups multiple times only to lose them in the end. With some great wins and embarrassing losses, the Arsenal team’s history has a whole lot of ups and downs.

Present Day

Despite all this, under the management of Arsene Wenger, the club truly turned around. With millions of loyal fans across the world, the story of the Arsenal team is one for the records and extremely inspiring. With some amazing wins, Arsenal remains one of the best teams in the world today.

Arsenal has gone through lots of ups and downs throughout its journey. However, throughout there have been shocking as well as thrilling Arsenal News that has kept its fans on the edge. That’s one thing you surely get when you are an Arsenal fan.

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