Prices In Malaysia For Tourists: Tips and Tricks

Prices In Malaysia For Tourists: Tips and Tricks

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Malaysia is rather high pricing country. It is often compared with the neighbor Thailand. Of course, the prices are higher in Malaysia. Nevertheless, this is still the right and attractive place for budget travellers. The prices for Malaysian tours are often high. It is better to travel over the country with your own efforts. You can stay where you want and see more natural and cultural attractions. This is an opportunity to visits not only Malaysian big cities, but surrounded islands. Thus, hire the car in Langkawi and go to meet the most interesting adventures. What should you know?

Pulau Rawa

Hotel Prices in Malaysia

The hotel prices in Malaysia are changeable depending on the season. They are higher than in Thailand. The minimum price for double suit in the guest house with the individual bathroom starts from 20 USD. In practice, this must be a small room with no windows. The room with the air fan and bathroom must be more expensive. The price for the room with window or balcony will be twice expensive. The prices for hotel with the swimming pool are also more expensive. Nevertheless, you can easily find the room in the 5 stars hotel for 140 USD. Don’t you mind to see the room price in the Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur or Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur?

Double suit in the guesthouse without condition and bathroom is about 12 ESD.

Double suit in the guesthouse with the air conditioner is 22 USD.

Roomy double suit in the guesthouse with the conditioner and windows is about 35 USD.

Double suit in the hotel is 40USD.

Double suit in the 5 stars hotel is about 65 USD.

Transport Prices in Malaysia

Speaking about the transport prices, you may say that Malaysian prices can be even cheaper than in Thailand. The main touristic transport leader in Malaysia is AirAsia budget air company. The popular AirAsia is Malaysian company. The prices for Malaysian flights are very cheap. For example, you can easily get from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi for cheap. You can also buy the ticket to different directions all over the country for adequate prices.

The prices for intercity transport are also surprising. Again, the night trip from Penang to Malakka (500 kilometers and 8 hours) is about 50 ringgit. The trip from Malakka to Kuala Lumpur is about 10 ringgit. The situation with the railway transport is Malaysia can be described in two words: comfortable and cheap. Speaking about the public transport, the system of transportation is cheap and well-developed. There are special free touristic buses (MPPP for Penang and GO KL for Kuala Lumpur). The price for taxi is more expensive, but not very much.

Rental car services in Malaysia are available for everyone. It is because the petrol prices are low. The price is about 2,1 ringgit. Rental car services are situated in the airport and everywhere in the city. If you want to hire a motorbike, you should pay about 25 or 20 ringgit per day. If you want to hire a car, the price can be about 80 ringgit.

Motorbike rental daily price is about 8 USD.

Car rental daily price is about 25 USD.

Petrol price is 2,1 ringgit per 1 liter.

Air flight price over the country is 19 USD.

Intercity buses usually take about 10 ringgit for one ticket.

Public transport (buses, metro) costs about 1,4 ringgit, depending on the direction.

Food Prices in Malaysia

The prices for food in Malaysia are almost the same as they are in Thailand. What about the drinks? The situation is not very attractive. All alcohol free drinks, including water and juices, are twice expensive in Malaysia than in Thailand. Thus, for example, the bottle of water costs about 2-3 ringgit. The prices for alcohol are impressive. Malaysia is Muslim country. So, the prices for alcohol drinks and cigarettes are high because of high taxes. Finally, you cannot find the bottle of beer for 10 ringgit. Everything is more expensive. Pay attention to Langkawi Island. This is the free tax area. So, the prices for drinks and cigarettes are cheaper here.

Malaysian fruits are also not cheap. They are twice cheaper than in Thailand. Speaking about food prices, it is better to go to learn the prices in the local shops and supermarkets. From one hand, the prices in the supermarkets are higher than in Thailand. From the other hand, you have an opportunity to eat in the local cafes and restaurants for cheaper price. In general, you may spend about 10 ringgit for dinner, excluding drinks. Prices for drinks are always high, whenever you are, in Malaysia or Thailand.


Souvenir Prices in Malaysia

All tourists like souvenirs. Nevertheless, Malaysia is not Milan or Paris. You are not going to buy something special here. So, your budget for souvenirs is not big. Nevertheless, it is necessary to speak about prices for souvenirs in Malaysia. They are mostly cheap, as cheap as they are in Thailand. You can spend about 100 ringgit for different magnets and figures for you and your friends. You should remember that you can easily change the price for souvenirs in the market or shop, whatever.

Souvenir magnets – 3 pieces for 10 ringgit or 1 for 4 ringgit.

Petronas Twin Towers figures – 6 ringgit.

Breloque – 1 ringgit and higher.

Plates souvenirs – 10 ringgit.


Shopping in Malaysia

The prices for different household equipment and other useful small things that you always use in your everyday life are higher than in Thailand. The prices for clothes are also higher. It can be said that they are 20 % higher than in Thailand, no more. What clothes are you going to buy? There are no special rules for clothes for tourists. You can buy natural textile clothes or branded clothes in the shopping malls in the big cities. What about the rest of prices?

Museum ticket is about 1-3 ringgit or 20 ringgit for private museum.

Excursion programs – 35 ringgit.

Shirts, T-shirts – 10-15 ringgits.

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