Problem Solving For Party Princesses

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When party time arrives, it’s good to be well prepared so you don’t make poor decisions on your outfit. Getting the look just right is all about not being rushed and taking your time to identify the best party gear to get you noticed. Read on for the latest moods in party town where the temperature is heating up for a sizzling season…

What Colour shall I Wear?

The front page colour story is all about blush pink. This pretty and pale shade will be seen from London to Beijing on fashion-followers who know the score. The great thing about blush pink is that it is a really flattering hue that anybody can carry off. Whatever your complexion, pale pink will lift and compliment your skin in ways you’d never suspect – until you try it. Teaming this unassuming shade with bolder accessories looks fantastic – with glossy black or hard navy it looks the business.

If pale pink seems too ‘wallflower’ for you, outfits in teal, cobalt, scarlet and the classic LBD will all be in evidence on the dance floor. Metallic greys and silvers in clingy fabrics have been causing a stir on the runways, and of course for added festive sparkle you can always fall back on jewel coloured sequins and glitter to make an impression.

Problem Solving For Party Princesses

What Style to Wear?

Capture the up to the minute A-list look with bandage dresses that hug your curves, or rock the gothic-glamour trend in a dramatic lacy black maxi and cape. The go-to gorgeous silhouette of bandage dresses are a safe choice for girls looking to load up on a sophisticated, sexy look that’s all class.

Unstructured seventies style prints with boho cues will be in evidence after dark, wrap around maxi dresses, shift dresses and sheath styles with cut out panels at the waist, shoulders and hip will all be jostling for attention. Plunging necklines and cleavages bound with leather laces will be a noticeable direction change following recent catwalk cues – focus on a cool, restrained look, rather than wench-like appeal.

What shall I do with My Hair?

The big story in salon circles is the plait. Traditional long plaits down your back, swept up French plaits or the very fashionable halo braid will all mark you out as hair-aware. Other styles deserving attention are soft vintage waves, the wet, slicked back look and tiny top knots.

If you go neutral on the colour of your dress, you could go big on the tints for your tresses. The exciting news for hair is that just about any colour goes at the moment – as long is it’s not natural. We’ve seen pale pink, violet and green hair that looks fab in up-dos and in soft waves or braids. Rainbow stripes and dipped ends or contrasting roots are all the rage, too. Want to rock the look, but don’t have the nerve to dye for it? Invest in multi-coloured hair pieces and pony tails that augment your look without the colour commitment.Turquoise hair and matching contacts – go on, we dare you…

What about make-up?

Party make-up for the eyes is all about keeping it smokey. Metallic greys, deep browns and greens are the eye shades that matter and blurred edges, feline eye liner and the odd carefully placed crystal will seal the deal. Brows are bold, arched and well defined. Sheer mineral make up leaves complexions looking dewy and glowing, a fine contrast to bold lips in deeply pigmented scarlet, magenta and damson shades.

What is the Perfect Party Footwear?

The new Star Wars film is influencing the latest styles and any boot or shoe that has a suggestion of intergalactic, military storm trooper will be seizing the mood. Thigh high boot styles abound in every material from raspberry patent leather to suede patchwork. Heels are blocky and chunky which are easier to dance in than spiky stilettos – good news for party princesses. Channel your inner rock chick with black studded shoes and boots or see if you can carry off the perspex heel that’s catching everyone’s eye. Other details and cues to pick up on if you want to look like you know what you’re doing are woven and patchwork leather, tassels and fringing and traditional Eskimo and Inuit folk art influences.

Party princesses that plan ahead have the edge because they are stress free, relaxed and ready to bust their moves on the dance floor. Max out the potential of every invitation with these fail safe style tips that make you the party princess everybody is watching…