Reasons for Toddler’s Itchy Bottom

4 mins read

If your kid keeps scratching its bottom, there might be several reasons for that. The most common of those are not enough wiping, chafing, diarrhea, detergent reaction, spicy foods or citrus, pinworms, and tight clothing. Here is more detailed information about them:

  • Pinworms

Pinworms are parasites living in the intestines. Children often put their hands in their mouths and by doing this they may ingest pinworms eggs. That’s how the infection is spread. An infected child also may spread the infection by touching other children’s hands or food. Eggs can get on objects such as toilet seats, clothing, shared toys, and bedding. It is also possible for eggs to get on surfaces while bathing your child.

Pinworms infection is common among preschool-age children. They are very contagious in a family.

  • Not enough wiping

Anal itching may be caused by poor hygiene habits. Wipe well your kid’s anal area so that no fecal matter remains. Use wet tissues or towel and do the wiping gently. Also, use mild soap and a soft towel to pad dry.

  • Detergents

Detergents can often cause anal itching because they contain some irritating chemicals. Commonly they are the reason for contact dermatitis (it causes a red rash on the skin and leads to unpleasant itching). If the reaction occurs in areas where is more likely for your child to sweat, the itch may be very bad. The solution here is to switch to a dye-free detergent.

  • Rubbing to much

Yet another cause of your child’s itchy bottom might be if you wipe it too hard because the skin surrounding the anus is very sensitive. It is important to use white, unscented toilet paper because rough toilet paper can leave tiny pieces trapped in the anal skin. This is a reason for serious irritation.

  • Tight clothing

Avoid dressing your child in too tight clothing, because it may cause sweating and friction, which will lead to hair follicles getting inflamed. Materials that can’t breathe can also cause irritation. Choose comfortable underwear and clothing made from natural material like cotton, wool, or linen for your kid.

  • Diet

Your child’s diet can also cause irritation down there – during and immediately after pooping. Some foods can evoke diarrhea, which will lead to difficulties in wiping. And that can be the major reason for irritation and itching. Avoid feeding your kid tomatoes, chocolate, or dairy products, if its bottom itches.

Home remedies

Try one of these remedies to relieve your child’s bottom:

  • make sure the area around the rectum is always clean
  • prepare a bath and let your kid soak for 15 – 20 minutes twice a day
  • after a bath, the area has to be completely dry
  • eliminate all spicy foods, citruses, or juices for a couple of weeks
  • use dye-free, perfume free soap on your child’s undergarments

If none of these is working after a week, you can try anti-itch creams that can be used safely in the area. A good and proven example of such cream is Pranicura. If you want to get more information click here. They are for external use and you should consult with a pediatrician before using one of those.