Redefine Your Looks With Hair Transplant In Dubai

Redefine Your Looks With Hair Transplant In Dubai

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Alopecia is one of the problems that has affected numerous many people living in Dubai. The medical condition show symptoms like receding hairline, the formation of bald spots or patches on the frontal, temporal or vertex portion of the scalp, depending upon the grade of baldness.

The baldness can be caused due to various factors such as the game of genetics, medicine regimes, cancer treatments, following an unhealthy diet, improper sleep, or even wearing tight hairstyles. Going smoothed head and facing the people in society and workplace can be difficult for you and can deeply affect your self-confidence and may put a noticeable impact on social and professional dimensions of your life. Many people experiencing the problem often blames the tap water in Dubai as a culprit for causing hair loss. However, experts believe that it is not the only agent that can be held responsible for triggering the problem.

On another hand, finding a perfect cure for the problem can be a challenge for you. However, you should understand that baldness happens when the hair roots in a portion of the scalp get damaged due to reasons like the action of DHT, physical trauma, and many others. In this case, hair transplant is the only option to restore lost hairs. Through this post, we bring you some fascinating information about the hair transplant in Dubai and the factors influencing their cost.

The FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant is a technique used in the surgical restoration of lost hairs. In this procedure, the DHT resistant safe donor hairs are obtained by harvesting a donor tissue from the back portion of the patient’s scalp. Thereafter, the incision made is sutured by using the trichophytic closure method and the donor tissue is sent to the hair cutting room for proper storage. Now, the tissue strip is dissected into small segments and the follicles in the grafts posses by the tissue are disunited. Once this process is over, the extracted hairs are made clear off any excess traces of tissue and are handed over to an implanter, who skillfully fixes these follicles into the incisions made surgically on the balding scalp.

In contrast to this traditional technique, the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is an alternate technique of surgical restoration that does not involve harvesting of a donor strip. In this process, the follicles to be used for the transplant are selected and extracted individually with the help of a punching tool. To draw out the healthy hair follicle, a hair transplant surgeon makes the punching tool to bore a layer of skin to the level of the hair root. Thereafter, the selected follicle is carefully lifted and checked that it has received no damage during the extraction process. Now, the follicles are sent to an implanter for fixing them in the slits made surgically on the bald portion of the scalp.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Dubai?

The cost involved in the hair restoration in Dubai is cheaper than in many countries of the world like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. However, the cost of hair transplant differs for each patient depending on the factors such as-

  • The number of follicles to be transplanted.
  • The education and expertise of the hair transplant surgeon.
  • The number of technicians required for dissection of the grafts.
  • The technique employed during the procedure.
  • The use of ultra-modern technology.
  • The levels of cleanliness maintained by the clinic.

Cost of hair transplant- Dubai Vs. India-

The cost of hair transplant in Dubai is cheaper than in many parts of the world. On another hand, India makes one of the peculiar destinations for getting the hair transplant because of the availability of the pioneer hair transplant surgeons and the affordable cost of the treatment. The cost per graft in India ranges less than USD 1. The reputed hair transplant clinics such as the Medispa hair transplant clinic in Jaipur is one of the trusted names for providing the satisfactory hair restoration at a pocket-friendly budget. Also, getting a hair transplant in India comes with added benefits under medical tourism package. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of getting best quality hair restoration and a chance to explore the cultural heritage of the place altogether.