Rent A Passenger Van With A Driver and Tour Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a notoriously sprawling city, stretching 44 miles between Santa Monica and Pasadena. With attractions scattered all across the city and limited public transportation, having a car is a necessity when visiting LA. But who wants to deal with navigating Los Angeles’s web of freeways, not to mention its infamous traffic? See all the sights, without stress, when you rent a van with a personal driver.

Get the VIP experience and be chauffeured across Los Angeles by a professional. Unlike a tour bus, you can build your own itinerary and keep your own schedule. Have Hollywood treatment for your visit to Hollywood; your personal driver can drop you off at the Chinese Theater to look at the stars’ footprints, and pick you up a few hours later when you are ready to check out some contemporary art at The Broad.

A few sights you can see with your van rental in Los Angeles:

Rent A Passenger Van With A Driver and Tour Los Angeles

Take in the Waves

Hit up the beach with a day on the west side. Go during the day for swimming and sunbathing in the sand, or visit at night to take in the glittering spectacle of the Santa Monica Pier. The pier has roller coasters for adrenaline junkies, and an arcade if you are in the mood for a round or three of air hockey. A little further south, Venice Beach provides you with the opportunity to challenge a friend to a round of beach volleyball, or to go for a leisurely walk down the boardwalk.

Rent A Passenger Van With A Driver and Tour Los Angeles

A Day at the Museum

Los Angeles is one of the country’s top art scenes, with numerous first-rate art institutions. LACMA is on Miracle Mile in central LA, and features a great permanent collection as well as special exhibits that rotate seasonally.

Downtown, The Broad is the newest addition to LA’s art scene. The Broad showcases works by notable contemporary artists including Barbara Krueger, Joseph Beuys, and Ellsworth Kelly. Parking downtown is particularly challenging, so arranging to be dropped off by your personal driver will help make your trip to The Broad painless.

Tucked away in the hills on the west side, The Getty Center is a cornerstone of the Los Angeles art world. Besides its expansive permanent collection and rotating exhibitions, The Getty’s beautiful architecture and grounds alone are worth the trek. High up in the hills, The Getty is a little bit out of the way, but affords visitors with incredible views down onto the city.

Rent A Passenger Van With A Driver and Tour Los Angeles

Movies Coming to Life

Many families journey to LA specifically to visit its world class theme parks. Scattered across Southern California, visiting one of the parks requires a full day’s commitment. Most centrally located is Universal Studios, situated just north of Hollywood. With attractions such as the Jurassic Park ride and The Revenge of the Mummy ride, Universal Studios is known for having the best rides of the California theme parks. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is now open at Universal Studios, letting visitors fulfill their dreams of wandering the streets of Hogsmede.

Further south is Disneyland, a true American icon. Families will enjoy taking pictures with their favorite Disney characters, and older guests will have a blast on classic rides like Indiana Jones Adventure and Space Mountain. Disneyland is situated in Anaheim, 26 miles southeast of downtown, but with a rental van and personal driver, Disneyland is only a short drive away.

Rent A Passenger Van With A Driver and Tour Los Angeles

Halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, Legoland is an ambitious daytrip for Lego-loving tourists. About an hour and half south of LA, a private driver and rental van will keep the trip stress free. At the park, families can explore buildings constructed entirely of Legos, and drive Lego cars around a course.

When you rent a passenger van with a driver with a driver, you never have to deal with parking or figure out the best route across town. Instead, you can sit back and relax every moment of your vacation. And by renting a van, your whole group can fit in one vehicle. From art, to theme parks, to the ocean, LA has something for everyone. Start planning your trip to the City of Angels today!