Revolutionary Bio-Filters Maintain A Safe Environment

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Industries are undergoing massive development now. As the industries are growing the pollution level is also increasing. This is one of the major concerns in recent times as the pollutants coming out from the industries are very much harmful and can lead to different types of health issues. Different types of measures are taken to curb this. Bio-scrubbers are one such example that helps to get rid of life-taking pollutants.

Bio-filters or bio-scrubbers treat the contaminants that are present in air. Peat, soil or compost are used to lessen down the pollution.

What is Bio-filtration:

This is a pollution control technique. For the elimination of malodor and to lower the amount of volatile organic compounds, this technique is used. The whole process works with the use of bacteria that comes in contact with the pollutants. Bio-filter contains a segment where a favorable atmosphere is created to grow the microorganism. The bio-film or the thin layer of bacteria helps to remove the malodor.

Working of Bio-Filters:

The filtration process works by pumping in the polluted air and pollutants. These gets absorbed in the filter media made of microorganism. The filter media is made of bacteria; when pollutants passes through it, the bacteria absorb the pollutants and degrade these products. They in turn produce energy in the form of H2O (water) and CO2 (carbon-di-oxide). Bio-filters are made up of biological reactor and gas scrubber.

Gas Scrubber: This is designed in a way that helps to acquire desirable result. With the help of a gas stream, the contaminants are removed. Apart from these, a special opening and nozzle prevents blockage.

Revolutionary Bio-Filters Maintain A Safe Environment

Biological Reactor: After getting absorbed by the gas scrubber, it is biologically degraded. The purified liquid is then circulated through the scrubber that helps to reabsorb the pollutants. These reactors are made with an aeration device. The work of this device is to supply bacteria along with adequate oxygen to break the components.

Benefits of Bio-Scrubbers:

  • Oxidization at Ambient Temperature:

At a low temperature, the whole process takes place. Oxidization at a low-temperature cuts down the high cost that is needed for the combustion process.

  • Environment-Friendly:

Bio-filtration process does not include any added chemicals. With the help of purely natural substances, this takes place. Soil, peat, and other products are used to carry out the process. This, as a result, does not become harmful for the environment and hence helps to maintain a safe environment. Bio-filters are probably the best products to get rid of harmful pollutants without affecting the environment.

  • Low Operation Cost:

When compared to other filtration system, this is the cheapest of all. As the whole process includes only the use of natural products, so there is no need of any chemicals. Apart from this, the whole operation can be operated by any normal person which cuts off the added expense.

  • Low Maintenance Cost:

As the whole structure do not contain any complex part, so it is not needed to maintain it at a regular interval. Absence of complex mechanisms in the whole structure cuts down the maintenance cost.

Bio-filtration is a very common technology which is used by the industries. Numerous advantages of this materials help to get effective results at an affordable price. So keep the environment clean with efficient bio-filters.

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